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● Ethical decision making ○ When making choices about ethical issues based on the standards of right vs wrong. ○ It requires a systematic framework for addressing the complex and often contr... oversial moral questions. ● Bioethical standards ○ The study of healthcare ethics ○ Bioethics takes on relevant ethical problems seen by healthcare providers in relation to care ● Telehealth ○ wide range of health services that are delivered by telecommunications ready tools, such as telephone, videophone, and computer ○ is needed to help fill the nursing shortage allowing nursing to see more patients quicker, as well as the aging population ○ Telecommunication technologies used to deliver health-related services or to connect patients and healthcare providers to maximize patients’ health status. ○ A relatively new term in the medical/nursing vocabulary, referring to a wide range of health services that are delivered by telecommunications-ready tools such as the telephone, videophone, and computer. ● Medical Applications ○ Software developed for medical purposes, including home medical monitoring system, medical databases for healthcare professionals, etc. ● Medical Devices ○ is any device intended to be used for medical purposes ● FDA Oversight for Medical Devices ● Privacy ○ An important issue related to personal information ○ Restricted access of patient information or data ● Confidentiality ○ To ensure that all personal information is protected by ensuring that limited access is only given to those who are authorized to view that information. ■ Protecting privacy of personal information or data ● Cybersecurity ○ the state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this. ○ With the expansion of technology. Facilities are taken more precautions to prevent cyber attacks. With the move towards advancing cybersecurity is important, technology continues to grow. ○ Ensure all systems are adequately protected and patients remain safe from harm ○ NI are frequently called on to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new devices and software. ● Computer-aided translators ○ is a form of language translation in which a human translator uses computer hardware to support and facilitate the translation process. ● HIPPA ○ was established in the U.S. in 1996 to protect an individual's personal health care information. ○ Signed by Pres. Bill Clinton ○ Healthcare institutions are required to meet all standards and comply with the appropriate security measures in order to safeguard patient data. ○ Four parts to HIPAA's Administrative Simplification ■ Electronic transactions and code sets standards requirements. ■ Privacy requirements. ■ Security requirements. ■ National identifier requirements. ● ICD-10 Coding ○ An alphanumeric code used by doctors, health insurance companies, and public health agencies across the world to represent diagnoses. ○ The system offers accurate and up-to-date procedure codes to improve health care cost and ensure fair reimbursement policies ○ The current codes specifically help healthcare providers to identify patients in need of immediate disease management and to tailor effective disease management programs. ■ Similarly ICD and CPT coding go together ● Is a medical code set that is used to report medical, surgical, and diagnostic procedures and services to entities such as physicians, health insurance companies and accreditation organizations. ● Evaluation and Management Coding ○ Is a medical coding process in support of medical billing ○ Practicing health care providers in the United States must use E/M coding to be reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid programs, or private insurance for patient encounters. ● Reimbursement Coding ○ Is based on claims and documentation filed by providers using medical diagnosis and procedure codes. ○ Commercial payers must use standards defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) but are largely regulated state-by-state. ● Clinical Support Tools ○ are designed to help sift through enormous amounts of digital data to suggest next steps for treatments, alert providers to available information they may not have seen, or catch potential problems, such as dangerous medication interactions ○ Such as CDS clinical decision support, a program used by providers. ○ Or various applications use by healthcare professionals to allow for communicate between provider to provider and provider to patient ○ The tools are all used to benefit patient outcome ● Workflow analysis ○ Not an optional part of clinical implementations, but rather a necessity for safe patient care fostered by technology. ○ The ultimate goal of workflow analysis is not to “pave the cow path,” but rather to create a future-state solution that maximizes the use of technology and eliminates non–value-added activities. ○ Although many tools and methods can be used to accomplish workflow redesign, the best method is the one that complements the organization and supports the work of clinicians. ○ needs to be done as well as working in optimization (moving conditions past their current state into a more effective method of performing. 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