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AORN Periop 101 Final Exam Study Guide with complete solution 2022/2023

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1.This type of needle point is what you would expect to be needed for suturing friable tissue such as the liver. - ANSWER What is a Blunt needle point? 2.These particular wound closing items are av... ailable in a wide variety of instrument sizes. - ANSWER What are disposable stapler sets? 3.Give one example from TJC list of Do-Not-Use Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Symbols. - ANSWER What is cc? 5.The surgical wound classification for a total abdominal hysterectomy. - ANSWER What is Clean contaminated? 4.Following an excisional breast biopsy, the circulating nurse would anticipate the need to have available this type of drain - ANSWER What is a Jackson-Pratt? 6.This position can cause physiological effects of circulatory and respiratory compromise due to pressure on the abdomen. - ANSWER What is Lithotomy Position? 7.To protect sensitive areas of the skin with appropriate padding is a recommended practice for this: - ANSWER What is to reduce the patient's risk of intraoperative skin injury. 8.An environmental sanitation practice that is required to limit the transmission of microorganisms to personnel when handling body fluid spills - ANSWER What is personal protective equipment? 9.It is recommended to inspect the active electrode for insulation defects to prevent this from occurring during MIS - ANSWER What is capacitive coupling? 10. According to AORN RP for positioning the patient, the perioperative nurse should: What is... a. Use a consistent method of procedure-specific position for each patient b. Rely on the surgeon's and anesthesia provider's assessments to guide positioning c. use additional precautions as appropriate based on unique patient considerations d. Depend on the patient's natural defense mechanisms to indicate the need for positioning alterations - ANSWER c. use additional precautions as appropriate based on unique patient considerations 11.The disadvantage of using this type of wound closure is because they often cause more scarring than other skin closure methods. - ANSWER What is skin clips? 12.An automatic intraoperative suspension of a do-not-resuscitate decision violates a patient's ethical right to... - ANSWER What is Self-determination? 13. This type of human factor error is responsible when a perioperative nurse is trying to attend to several tasks at once - ANSWER What is situational-based error? 14.Restricting pathogenic organisms from the patient, environment, equipment, and supplies is the definition of.... - ANSWER What is aseptic technique? The most important consideration when selecting these materials is to prevent risk of contaminating patients with endogenous and exogenous microorganisms; and risk of exposing healthcare workers to patient's blood and body fluids - ANSWER What are draping materials? [Show More]

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