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NUR 2459 Rasmussen Mental Health Exam 1 Modules 1-3 what are some psychiatric historical events that have occurred in the early psychiatric era? Correct Answer: 18th century- state asylums created... , 600,000 residents were in them, 1st school or psychiatric nursing was created in 1882, deinstitutionalization, shift in role of the nurse from custodial care to professional care. explain what early use of phenothiazine was for in early psych nursing. Correct Answer: it was discovered to help control psychotic behaviors and improve/ clear thinking. what were the two nursing interventions associated with somatic therapy in early psych nursing? Correct Answer: insulin therapy ECT therapy explain significance of insulin therapy in the early psych era. Correct Answer: insulin was administered until the client was comatose, this could kill the patient because the blood sugar could drop below normal levels, but it helped relive psych symptoms. explain significance of early ECT therapy. Correct Answer: an electrical stimulus was given to the brain with the result of a grand-map seizure. now we can control the shock given and give medications to sedate the client and stimulate the seizure and for proper monitoring throughout the procedure. explain what deinstitutionalization is. Correct Answer: there was a massive discharge of psychiatric patients from mental hospitals back to their original communities. what is significant about the impact of deinstitutionalization? Correct Answer: many of the psych patients who needed services were forced onto the streets, potentially leading them to more harm and crime. 3 main reasons deinstitutionalization was initiated. Correct Answer: the belief that treatment in the hospitals was inhumane hope that medications would offer a cure lack of funding at the state and federal level what is the order of maslows hierarchy of needs bottom to top? Correct Answer: physiological needs-safety need- love and belong needs- self esteem- self actualization what is important to know about maslows hierarchy of needs? Correct Answer: motivation is continuous quest for self actualization, can reverse levels based on life circumstances, lower level needs must be met first before advancement to higher level psychological needs. examples of psychotherapy Correct Answer: behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, didactical behavior therapy based on a verbal therapist to client interaction examples of open environment therapies Correct Answer: family, group and milieu therapy examples of Brian stimulation techniques Correct Answer: ECT, trans-cranial magnetic stimulation, vagus nerve stimulation explain what behavioral therapy is. Correct Answer: aims to modify maladaptive behavior patterns. based that a behavior is learned and has consequences and abnormal behavior results from an attempt to avoid painful feelings and reduce anxiety. what is the nurses role with behavioral therapy? Correct Answer: Role of the nurse: to use the nursing process to assist the client with behavior modification. This can be through 1 on 1 groups, different ways like classical and operant conditioning explain what cognitive therapy is. Correct Answer: focuses on individual client thoughts and behaviors to solve current problems. Based on changing the way one thinks. what is the role of the nurse with cognitive therapy? Correct Answer: the nurse will plan psychoeducation, use of the therapeutic relationship and counseling interventions. They also reevaluate to determine if intervention was successful with the therapy. explain what cognitive behavioral therapy is (CBT) Correct Answer: uses both cognitive and behavioral approaches to assist a client with anxiety management. explain what family therapy is Correct Answer: therapy based on family dynamics and improving family functioning by learning the ways for dealing with mental illness in the family, improving understanding among family members, maximizing positive interaction with family members. explain what milieu therapy is Correct Answer: creates an environment that is supportive and therapeutic and safe to benefit clients and promote coping within a safe place. explain what group therapy is Correct Answer: therapy focused on helping individuals develop more functional and satisfying reactions within a group setting with common feelings, experiences and thoughts that lead to positive behavior changes from interaction and feedback. explain what ECT is used today Correct Answer: the induction of a grand-mal seizure through the application of electrical currents to the brain during anesthesia. Electrodes are placed bilaterally and an appropriate dose of electrical current is sent through the brain to enhance the effects of certain neurotransmitters. what types of disorders can ECT help with? Correct Answer: Used as a last resort in depression, mania, schizophrenia, and psychosis when medication and treatment has failed. side effects from ECT Correct Answer: confusion and memory loss, headache what is the role of the nurse during ECT? Correct Answer: often during the pre-op and post-op phases. Complete assessment should be completed before the client goes back to the procedure, including medication reconciliation and a signed consent form. places the IV, gives pre procedure medications, takes vitals before and after procedure. after procedure : placing the patient on the side, orient the client, describe what happened, allow the patient to have therapeutic communication based on their feelings, assisting them as needed until fully awake. what will actually happen during the ECT procedure? Correct Answer: When in the treatment room, the nurse will help position the patient while the CRNA gives the patient a short acting anesthetic and medication to induce the seizure.a bp cuff, pulse ox and oxygen may be given as needed and a bite block and electrodes to monitor EKG.once asleep, the provider will decide how much electricity the client will get and will shock the client and monitor for any changes, the CRNA will wake the patient up when finished, all people in the room will monitor for adverse reactions. medications that may be given during ECT Correct Answer: atropine sulfate, succinylcholine, sedative medication and medication to help client relax. what is trans-cranial magnetic stimulation? Correct Answer: a noninvasive therapy that uses magnetic pulsations to stimulate the cerebral cortex of the brain for those with depression who have not been responsive to medications. What is vagus nerve stimulation? Correct Answer: provides electrical stimulation through the vagus nerve of the brain through a surgically implanted device to increase neurotransmitter levels to treat depression resistant to other methods of treatment and medication. which system is responsible for how the body changes with stress? Correct Answer: fight or flight system- everyone will react differently explain what stress is. Correct Answer: maladaptive responses to stressors from the internal or external environment, evidenced by thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are incongruent with the local and cultural norms, and interfere with the individual, social, occupational and physical functioning. which two defense mechanisms are always healthy? Correct Answer: alturism and sublimation Role of psychiatric nurse Correct Answer: maladaptive responses to stressors from the internal or external environment, evidenced by thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are incongruent with the local and cultural norms, and interfere with the individual, social, occupational and physical functioning. explain the role of EEG and EKG with ECT Correct Answer: This allows for cardiac monitoring, and also observation of brain activity (seizure activity in the brain). what is the role of the stranger Correct Answer: first interaction with the nurse and treating the patient with respect. what is the role of the resource person Correct Answer: will give answers in a way the patient can understand based on their healthcare information. what is the role of the teacher Correct Answer: the nurse identifies learning needs and information related to the patients healthcare. what is the role of the leader Correct Answer: encourages both the nurse and the patient to have a democratic relationship and be active in the plan of care. what is the role of the surrogate Correct Answer: the patient may see the nurse as a mother figure, sibling, or another nurse in the past where the situation may generate feelings similar to ones felt in the past. what is the role of the technical expert Correct Answer: understands technical devices and clinical interventions needed for the best interest of the patient. what is the role of the counselor Correct Answer: the nurse uses interpersonal techniques to assist patients in adapting with changes in life experiences and to help them understand what they are going through in the present situation. which of the roles of nurse are most apparent in psychiatric nursing and why Correct Answer: Counselor- They must have skills developed to provide helpful individual, group, or family therapy. The staff nurse should have general knowledge of basic counseling techniques and to have a therapeutic or helping relationshi explain altruism Correct Answer: dealing with anxiety by reaching out for others example of altruism Correct Answer: It is very cold and a man takes off his jacket and gives it to someone who cannot afford a coat. explain compensation Correct Answer: covering up a real or perceived weakness by emphasizing a trait one considered more desirable example of compensation Correct Answer: Someone who is too small to make the wrestling team becomes a talented member of the debating team. explain denial Correct Answer: refusing to acknowledge the existence of a real situation or feelings associated. example of denial Correct Answer: A woman who drinks alcohol daily, refuses to acknowledge she has a problem. explain displacement Correct Answer: shifting feelings related to an object, person, or situation to another less threatening object, person or situation. example of displacement Correct Answer: A man is angry with his boss and when he comes home, he yells at his children. explain projection Correct Answer: attributing one's unacceptable thoughts and feelings onto another who does not have them example of projection Correct Answer: A woman has feelings for someone other than her husband, but blames him for being unfaithful. Explain identification Correct Answer: conscious or unconscious assumption of the characteristics of another individual or group Example of identification Correct Answer: The student nurse imitates the nurturing actions of the instructor. explain intellectualization Correct Answer: separation of emotions and logical facts when analyzing or coping with a situation or event. example of intellectualization Correct Answer: A wife is moving far away from her family because of her husband's job transfer. She explains to her family all the advantages of the move. explain rationalization Correct Answer: creating reasonable and unacceptable explanations for unacceptable behavior example of rationalization Correct Answer: A boy justifies cheating in a card game because he said everyone cheats. explain reaction formation Correct Answer: preventing unacceptable thoughts or behaviors from being expressed by exaggerating opposite thoughts or types of behaviors. example of reaction formation Correct Answer: A girl is angry with someone, but expresses exaggerated friendliness when she sees her. explain regression Correct Answer: sudden use of childlike or earlier developmental behaviors that do not correlate with age or developmental stage. example of regression Correct Answer: An adult throws a temper tantrum when she doesn't get her way. explain repression Correct Answer: unconsciously putting unacceptable feelings, ideas and thoughts out of awareness. No memory. example of repression Correct Answer: A trauma victim is unable to remember anything about his accident. explain suppression Correct Answer: voluntary denying or putting away stressful feelings example of suppression Correct Answer: A student states, "I'll worry about that exam tomorrow." explain conversion Correct Answer: responding to st [Show More]

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