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SAE 3701 Exam -Before formal schools, indigenous education in precolonial societies was intertwined with -Education in precolonial communities involved (CONTAINS OVER 300 Q&A)

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Question 1 20 Multiple Choice Questions (Compulsory) 1. Before formal schools, indigenous education in precolonial societies was intertwined with: a) social life b) state schools c) a process wh... ich prepared people to live effectively in their environment d) the middle -class, urban family 1. a and c 2. a and d 3. b and c 4. b and d 2. Education in precolonial communities involved: a) Oral history b) Skills to adapt to the environment c) The industrial sector d) Morality 1. a, b and c 2. c and d 3. a, b and d 4. b, c and d 3. The process of socialisation in precolonial societies began within the context of … . a) the modern school b) the family c) university d) the cultural context 1. a and c 2. b and c 3. d 4. b and d 4 Colonisation in South Africa entails … a) a large political body or country conquers and rules over territories which are outside of its own country’s borders b) the independence of colonised peoples c) ideological control through, for example, schooling d) a lack of opposition from colonised people1. a and d 2. a and c 3. a and d 4. b and d 5. Mission schools were established in South Africa … . a) before colonisation b) after colonisation c) only in rural areas d) only in urban areas 1. a 2. b 3. d 4. c 6 The missionaries saw education as a way of achieving their aims by: a) Establishing free and equal education for boys and girls b) Criticising segregation c) Converting people to Christianity d) Establishing formal schools and curricula 1. a and d 2. c and d 3. a and b 4. b and d 7 A criticism of mission education was that it … . a) taught gender specific subjects e.g. domestic skills for girls b) did not teach practical skills such as carpentry c) was often segregated along lines of colour d) was too urban 1. a and c 2. b and d 3. a and b 4. c and d 8. Bantu Education was introduced by the Nationalist Party: a) Before mission schools b) After the Bantu Education Act closed down mission schools in 1953 c) To introduce unsegregated, equal education d) In precolonial times 1. c and d 2. a, c and d 3. b 4. a and d 9. Bantu Education provided:a) Mass, state schooling b) A curriculum established by the state c) Segregated schooling along the lines of colour d) An equal system of schooling for all 1. a, b and d 2. b. c and d 3. a, b and c 4. b and d 10. One of the aims of Bantu Education was to … . a) provide tertiary education for all students b) abolish racist ideology c) produce highly skilled workers d) produce a semi-skilled labour force 1. a 2. d 3. c 4. b 11. The 1976 Student Revolt was triggered by: a) The introduction of Afrikaans as a school subject b) The expansion of school buildings in Soweto c) The introduction of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in schools d) Urbanisation 1. a and b [Show More]

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