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Signs/Symptoms of Hypothyroidism Intolerance to cold, constipation, weight gain, thick-brittle fingernails, bradycardia, hypotension Nursing care for hypothyroidism Monitor for low BP, bradycar... dia, edema and monitor weight. 00:49 01:26 A task an AP can do Specimen collection A task an AP can do Obtain clean urine specimen samples What is something you would report if a patient has hypothyrodism Chest pain Drug of choice for hypothyroidism levothyroxine Levothyroxine can increase the effects of? Warfarin What is the antidote for warfarin? Vitamin K How many mg of minerals are required through dietary sources each day? 100mg Nursing actions when a patient is taking phosphorus? Evaluate the use of antacids and use of alcohol because alcohol impairs absorption Colostomies end in the Colon Ileostomies end in the Ileum [Show More]

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