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Which statement best describes the relationship between reading comprehension and word decoding in a beginning reader's development? - ✔✔Accurate, fast word recognition is necessary for developm... ent of reading fluency and text comprehension. Near the close of the day, a kindergarten teacher guides the students in conversation about the day's activities. She writes down what is said on large chart paper, then reads it to the class. This activity would aid their literacy development primarily by promoting which skill? - ✔✔phonological awareness What is the most important implication of the Four-Part Processiong Model for Word Recognition? - ✔✔Reading depends on constructing pathways between the phonological, orthographic, and meaning processors. After results of a winter screening, six second-graders scored in the "somewhat at risk" range. What is the next step the teacher team should take? - ✔✔Analyze the screening results and gather additional diagnostic assessment data. [Show More]

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