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What should you do when managing a crisis? - ✔✔A company should place response to the messages, explaining the problem and when it will be resolved on their social media account. What is the be... st practice for using curated content ethically? - ✔✔You must create a new title, links to original sources and add personal editorial comments. What is the role of a Social Media Risk Manager? - ✔✔Ensure all departments are preforming as expected to include the following: monitor activities for risk, measure and gather appropriate data and create reports that assess risks and suggest controls. What should a company do if they mainly use printed materials? - ✔✔The best way to incorporate social media to their advertising is by posting a weekly flyer as a PDF. What is the first step of conducting a SWOT analysis of an online social media plan? - ✔✔The first steps should include a social media audit and list of social media goals. What are click-through rates? - ✔✔A social media metric that best measures the number of followers who clicked and responded to a paid advertisement. What should businesses look for when trying to identify potential influencers for their audience? - ✔✔Reach, Relevance and Resonance. When growing social media communities for organization that must protect consumer privacy (hospitals, medical offices, etc.) what strategy must be developed? - ✔✔A strategy that must comply with protection and avoid privacy violations. A brand's primary audience is someone who? - ✔✔Is interested in the product, needs the product and can afford the product. [Show More]

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