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ATI PN Comprehensive Predictor Review Nuchal rigidity (neck stiffness), photophobia (intolerance of bright light) and headache. - 180. A nurse is assisting with the admission of an adolescent clien... t who is suspected of having bacterial meningitis. Which of the following findings should the nurse expect? 179. A nurse is planning client care for a shift. Which of the following should the nurse plan to delegate to an assistive personnel? - d. Ambulating a client receiving patient-controlled analgesia. 178. A nurse is reinforcing teaching to an adult client who is prescribe Lipitor. The nurse should advise the client that which of the following is an adverse effect of this medication and should be reported to the provider? - b. Unexplained muscle pain 177. A nurse is collecting data from a client who has right-sided heart failure. Which of the following findings should the nurse expect? - a. Dependent edema A pregnant client presents with bright red painless vaginal bleeding at 30 weeks. What should the nurse plan to assess for? a. Placenta previa b. Placental abruption c. Cervical dilation d. Cervical tears - a. Placenta previa The new graduate nurse on a surgical oncology floor is reviewing osteosarcoma signs and symptoms. Which of the following findings does the nurse review that can be seen in a client with osteosarcoma? Select all that apply a. Localized acute pain b. increased range of motion c. gait disturbance d. increased appetite e. palpable mass - a. Localized acute pain -e. palpable mass-. c. gait disturbance [Show More]

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