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CPT 2022 exam questions and answers (Questions from past exams and the actual test 2022 already Passed)

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CPT 2022 exam questions and answers (Questions from past exams and the actual test 2022 already Passed)What is another term for the body orientation known as inferior? Correct Answer-caudal What is ... a more commonly used term for cranial orientation? Correct Answer-superior Which is true about energy content of the macronutrients? Correct Answer-Water = 0 kcal/g Protein = 4 kcal/g Alcohol = 7 kcal/g Fat = 9 kcal/g Carb = 4 kcal/g Case: 50 year old; Rest. HR= 78bpm; Rest. BP= 162/94 mm Hg; Weight= 198 lbs.; Body fat= 30%; Height=70 cm; Blood cholesterol=240 mg/dl; HDL cholest.=34 mg/dl; Glucose= 98 mg/dl; Triglycerides= 180 mg/dl. According to ACSM risk stratification guidelines, Mr. Garcia has which coronary artery disease risk factor? Correct Answer-Hypertension, high total cholesterol What is the minimum duration of a moderate intensity intermittent bout of aerobic activity to promote & maintain health? Correct Answer-10 minutes What risk stratification category would require physician supervision during exercise testing? Correct Answer-Moderate risk, maximal testing What is recommended range of essential body fat necessary for normal physiological function? Correct Answer-Men: 3-5% Women: 8-12% Which exercise works best in isolating the soles muscle? Correct Answer-Seated heel raises w/flexed knees [Show More]

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