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Martin Santambrogio B207 Shaping Business Opportunities EMA June 2019

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Martin Santambrogio B207 Shaping Business Opportunities EMA June 2019Part A : 1. Innovation Through society evolution different aspects have emerged that inevitably influence the behaviour and w... ay of thinking of people, for example scientific research and technological advances, which somehow govern the way of thinking and behaviour. Undoubtedly, science and technology have had an impact on society, as important trends, fashions and events have influenced on the ideas of many different communities. It is convenient to remember that we live in an era where knowledge and power, form a close relationship of wide implications, both in world strategies and in the magnitude of modern development, accompanied by large-scale innovations. All type of organisations must be up to date of society changes as they are a challenge to stay competitive and successful. They must be constantly evolving at a fast pace. The changes that we’ve lived over the last 50 years show us how much everything has changed. A few examples are:  It took an hour to cook a potato  It took a week to see the pictures taken by your camera  You had to stand up to change the TV channels  Life expectancy was nearer to retirement age  Phone calls were done from cabins (the same place where Superman used to change his clothes)  A document copy was made with a carbon paper between the original and the copy When I think about all these changes and many others is impossible not to think about the changes that will happen over the next years. The person that will live till 150 years old is already alive. Companies are focused in the new market and they are constantly innovating to keep the public attention, being creative to adapt to consumer demands. Technology is a fundamental resource for companies; It is a tool with which the optimization and improvement of production, organization, dispatch, sales and collection, and training processes can be achieved. It will allow to establish competitive advantages with which they will be able to position themselves in the market, obtain greater clients and of course, reach higher levels of productivity and even expansion. The introduction of Internet to the mass media has opened a range of possibilities to all markets. The design of web applications that support the online shopping is a key. One good point of Internet sales is that all the inventory can be centralised and delivered from the 3 [Show More]

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