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Arizona State University BIO 130 Solar Energy Lab Quiz

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• Question 1 0 out of 10 points If you did the solar water heater option, discuss which cup (i.e., black paper, white paper or control) was the hottest and which was the coolest. Why? If you did... the solar panel option, discuss what happened when your solar panel was shaded by aluminum foil. Would your panel work at night? Why or why not? For both options: Were your results expected? If your results were unexpected, explain any issues that you encountered that may have impacted your results. [None Given] [None] No answer given. -10 • Question 2 0 out of 10 points Upload a picture of your solar energy experiment here! Make sure your name is IN the picture. If you worked with (a) lab partner(s), please make sure all of the names in your group are in the picture. Each member of the group may upload the same picture. [None Given] No picture uploaded. -10 • Question 3 How has the production and usage of solar panels changed from 1980 to 2008? Increased sharply, as the price of the panels continues to fall Increased sharply, as the price of the panels continues to fall • Question 4 Who made the first “serious” use of the PV cell technology? space industry space industry The space industry first put PV cells to use on spacecrafts. • Question 5 The cost of electricity produced by PV cells has increased since the 1980s. Fals e Fals e • Question 6 One advantage to the Palo Verde Nuclear Power station to the ASU West solar array is that the nuclear power station can generate electricity at night, but the solar array does not generate electricity when the Sun is down. Tru e Tru e This is true. There are some solar technologies that store solar energy after the Sun goes down and they can keep generating electricity for a few hours, but solar energy IS dependent on the Sun... • Question 7 The units of kWh (kiloWatt hours) are used when measuring ___________. the amount of energy used/consumed the amount of energy used/consumed The units of kWh are used to describe the amount of energy used/consumed. The units of kW are used to describe power, and can be converted to energy by multiplying by the time over which the power was applied. In other words, kWh = kW x hours. • Question 8 Part I, Question 10. Based on the average annual consumption of 11,280 kWh per household, how many households can the ground mount facility at ASU West supply? about 350 about 350 3956183 kWh at ASU West/11280 kWh per household = 350.7 households • Question 9 What kind of material is used to make a basic photovoltaic cell? semiconductor (silicon) semiconductor (silicon) • Question 10 Part 1, Question 11 part a. The Palo Verde Nuclear Power Station generates more than 30 million (>30,000,000) MWh of energy per year. Tru e Tru e That's crazy, but true. This is a lot of energy!! 3810 MW x 8760 hours/year = 33,375,600 MWh/year • Question 11 Solar water heaters use black material as the background behind the water pipes to absorb heat. In the model solar water heater experiment, you expect a cup of water wrapped in black paper to be warmer after hours of Sun exposure, than a clear cup or a cup wrapped in white paper. Tru e Tru e The black paper helps absorb energy from the Sun causing the cup with black paper to be warmer than the control cup. • Question 12 Part I, Question 11 part b. How many MWh does the ASU West ground mount solar array generate annually? almost 4000 MWh/year almost 4000 MWh/year 3956183 kWh/year x 1 MWh/1,000 kWh (= 3956183/1000) = 3956 MWh/year [Show More]

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