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HUM 111 Sophia Art History 1 Milestone 2 {2020} – Strayer University 1 
Which of the following best describes this sculpture? • Subject is depicted in the Flavian style • Subject ... is portrayed as a god • Subject's physical imperfections are emphasized • Subject portrays age and wisdom CONCEPT Portraiture, Republic to Flavians 2 

The facial expression, seen in the image above, is known as the __________ smile.
 • Archaic • Kouros • Kore • Peplos CONCEPT The Human Figure in Greek Sculpture 3 

 Which of the following characteristics are present in this image from Chauvet Cave? • Descriptive point of view, votive figure • Abstraction, descriptive point of view • Votive figure, megalithic • Megalithic, abstraction CONCEPT Cave Painting 4 Which of the following statements regarding the Roman use of concrete as a building material is FALSE? • Concrete required the use of less-skilled labor. • Concrete was cheaper than cut stone. • Concrete was more difficult to use than cut stone. • Concrete made rounded arches and curved buildings possible. CONCEPT Elements of Roman Architecture 5 Which of the following characteristics apply to items used in Sumerian religion? • Cuneiform, basilicas • Ziggurats, cuneiform • Basilicas, votive figures • Votive figures, ziggurats CONCEPT Sumer 6 Which of the following characteristics is NOT part of Stonehenge? • Post and lintel • Megalithic • Corbelling • Masonry CONCEPT Early Architecture 7 Compare and contrast the Parthenon to Maison Carree. Select the statement that is true of the Maison Carree. • Decorated with elaborate frieze sculptures • Doric order • Set on a podium • Dedicated to the goddess Athena CONCEPT Recognizing Elements of Roman Architecture in Greek Temples 8 Which of the following is the correct definition of "controlled space?" • An agricultural region in the Middle and Near East • A Sumerian temple in the form of a pyramid tower with round, winding stories • A type of civic design that is intended to impress or intimidate viewers • A Sumerian deity with a bull or lion's body, an eagle's wings, and a human head CONCEPT Ancient Near East 9 Which of the following is NOT a feature of the Pantheon? • Oculus • Labyrinth • Rosettes • Coffers CONCEPT The Pantheon 10 Which of the following is the correct definition of a Mandala? • A concentric diagram which has spiritual and ritual importance • Small platform and railing on top of a stupa • A circular disk on top of the dome of a stupa • Circling around a sacred object CONCEPT The Great Stupa at Sanchi 11 Select the statement that is FALSE about Yakshi figures.  • The Yakshi figures date from the same period as the city of Teotihuacan. • They are often depicted as voluptuous female figures with wide hips. • Yakshi are female earth spirits that have ties to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.  • These figures are spirits associated with fertility and protection. CONCEPT Yakshi Figures 12 Like the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut, the temple of Amun-Mut-Khonsu had a(n) __________. This particular arrangement made it easy for rulers to make additions to their temples. • clerestory • hypostyle hall • serdab • axial plan CONCEPT New Kingdom Architecture 13 

Which of the following describes the function of the Dying Lioness relief sculpture from the North Palace of Ashurbanipal? • To demonstrate the king's power over nature • To protect and intimidate through size • To depict a story from mythology • To commemorate the king's victories in battle CONCEPT Art as Expression of Authority: Akkad and Assyria 14 Which of the following correctly identify a Greek deity and his or her primary association? • Aphrodite - goddess of war • Poseidon - god of the sea • Nike - goddess of love • Hephaestus - god of peace CONCEPT Ancient Greece 15 

Which of the following correctly identifies the civilization associated with this work of art? • Aegean (Cycladic) • Minoan • Mycenaean • Ancient Egyptian CONCEPT Aegean Art 16 Which of the following works of art is associated with King Ashoka of the Mauryan period in ancient India? 1 Mortuary temple   2 Etruscan temple   3 Bronze of mythical creature   4 Pillar with edicts CONCEPT Influence of Buddhism on Ancient Indian Art 17 Which of the following terms best describes the ancient funerary complex at Saqqara, Egypt? • Hieratic scale • Necropolis • Colonnade • Pylon temple CONCEPT Old Kingdom Architecture 18 Think about the early forms of religion in India and how they differ. Select the option that describes Yakshi, a feature of one of these religions.  • Symbol of a moral order that keeps the universe from falling into chaos. • Benevolent nature spirit, usually depicted as a voluptuous female. • Founder of the central tenets of Jainism, including the immortality and transmigration of the soul. • Mauryan emperor who erected great pillars inscribed with his moral edicts. CONCEPT Differentiating Early Forms of Religion in India 19 
Which of the following is NOT the name of an Egyptian god or goddess? • Ka  • Ra • Isis • Seth CONCEPT Ancient Egypt 20 Who of the following established the central tenets of Jainism?  • Maurya • Sarnath • Ashoka • Mahavira CONCEPT Ancient India 21 The excavation of sites and analysis of artifacts as a way to study human history is called __________. • prehistory • sculpture in the round • abstraction • archaeology CONCEPT Prehistory 22 Which of the following themes is NOT a predominant theme of Minoan art? • Religion • Liveliness • Nature • Energy CONCEPT Minoan Art 23 Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of sculpture at the Parthenon?  • Chryselephantine • Panathenaic procession • Lamassu • Phidian wet drapery CONCEPT The Parthenon 24 Which of the following sculptures is from the Hellenistic period? 1   2   3   4 CONCEPT Late Classical and Hellenistic Periods 25 Which of the following correctly describes a Roman Peristyle Garden? • Place where offerings to the deities occurred • Location of portrait busts of ancestors • Center of domestic life • Space for leisure and entertaining CONCEPT The Roman House 26 Select the statement that is TRUE about Chaitya Hall. • It is made entirely of concrete.  • The style in which it was built is the Gandhara style.  • It is a Hindu shrine. • It was constructed to replace a stupa at the same location. CONCEPT Ancient Indian Art until 300 AD 27 Which of the following are characteristics of Etruscan art and/or architecture? • Archaic smile, domus • Domus, atrium • Ridgepole, Archaic smile • Atrium, ridgepole CONCEPT The Etruscans 28 
Select the trait of Mycenaean architecture that is represented in this image. • Corbeled vault • Beehive tombs • Cyclopean construction • Votive figures CONCEPT Mycenaean Art 29 

Which of the answer choices lists a characteristic that is NOT present in the Arch of Constantine?
 • Spolia • Relief sculpture • Triumphal arch • Basilica CONCEPT Monuments, the Later Empire, Constantine 30 Etruscan temples were highly inspired by the architecture of the __________. • Ancient Egyptians • Greeks • Minoans • Sumerians CONCEPT The Romans and the Etruscans 31 Which term describes the slight bulging of Greek columns that creates an optical illusion of straight lines? • Pediment • Capital • Entasis • Entablature CONCEPT Greek Temples 32 Which of the following works of art is from the Amarna Period? 1   2   3   4 CONCEPT Amarna Period and Afterward 33 

Select the option that correctly explains the function of the vase shown above.
 • All-purpose vessel used to store liquids • Vessel used for drinking wine • Vessel used to mark a gravesite • Vessel used to commemorate victory CONCEPT Vase Painting [Show More]

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