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HIEU 201 History of Western Civilization Chapter 1 Quiz. HIEU 201 Liberty University | Complete Solution

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HIEU 201 Chapter 1 Quiz 1. Paleolithic religious beliefs 2. Which of the following is NOT a feature of the Neolithic Age? 3. The first civilizations 4. Sargon the Great 5. The Sumerians ... erected their religious temples atop huge multilevel mounds called 6. The kings in ancient Mesopotamia 7. The economy of Mesopotamian cities 8. Which of the following describes the Egyptians' relationship with their environment? 9. The pharaohs 10. The Hittites 11. Which of the following is NOT true of the Persian empire? 12. Compared to a rational or scientific view of the world, a mythopoeic view 13. The ________ Age is also known as the Old Stone Age. 14. Which of the following civilizations rose first? 15. The Epic of Gligamesh depicts the Mesopotamians' mood of 16. In Paleolithic societies, human beings 17. The central force in the first civilizations was 18. In Hammurabi's code of law 19. The religious teachings of the prophet Zoroaster 20.The Egyptian New Kingdom began with the war of liberation against the [Show More]

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