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CITI Exam Modules 4-6 Questions and Answers Already Passed

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Risks of harm in social and behavioral sciences generally fall into three categories ✔✔1) Invasion of privacy, 2) Breach of confidentiality, 3) Study procedures Two factors that must be consider... ed in relation to each other when assessing risk ✔✔Probability and magnitude of harm AS well as population context Why is independent assessment of risk is critical? ✔✔B/c researchers are biased toward downplaying (and believing it) risks, and up-playing benefits How can researchers safeguard data from unauthorized access? ✔✔1) Remove all direct identifiers as soon as possible. 2) Substitute codes for identifiers. 3) Maintain code lists and data files in separate secure locations. 4) Use accepted [Show More]

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Bundle for CITI Tests | Updated & Verified | Everything you need to Pass!!

Bundle for CITI Tests | Updated & Verified | Everything you need to Pass!!

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