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Name the seven layers of the OSI model from Layer 1 to Layer 7. - ANS -Layer 1-The Physical Layer Layer 2- The data link layer Layer 3- The network layer Layer 4-The transport layer Layer 5-The se... ssion layer Layer 6- The presentation Layer Layer 7- The Application Layer At upper layers bits are grouped together into what is known as what? - ANS -protocol data unit or data service unit At the transport layer(4) pdu's are called what? - ANS -segments At the network layer(3) pdu's are called what? - ANS -packets At the data link layer(2) pdu's are called what? - ANS -frames At the physical layer(1) pdu's are called what? - ANS -bits What are the things the physical layer(1) is concerned with? - ANS --multiplexing -bandwidth usage -representation of bits on medium -wiring standards for connectors and jacks -physical topology -synchronizing bits Define current state modulation. - ANS -One way to electrically or optically represent a 1 or 0. The presence of voltage represents a 1 and the absence represents a 0. Define state transition modulation. - ANS -One way to electrically or optically represent a 1 or 0 by using the transition between a voltage level. Going from a state of no voltage to a state of voltage to represent a 1 or 0. With this approach to bit synchronization a sender indicates that it is about to start transmitting by sending a start bit to the receiver. When the receiver sees this, it starts its own internal clock to measure the subsequent bits. After the sender transmits the data, it sends a stop bit to indicate that it has finished its transmission. - ANS -asynchronous This approach to bit synchronization syncronizes the interal clocks of both the sender and the receiver to ensure that they agree on when bits begin and end. A common approach to make this [Show More]

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OSI Model / Exam / 100% CORRECT ANSWERS

Application layer (OSI model) - ANS -Layer 7 of the OSI model, it provides application services to a network. An important, and an often-misunderstood concept, is that end-user applications do not...

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