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Loyalists - ANS -Indians that sided with the Union, ran into Kansas Seceded - ANS -Confederacy, Indians sided with them Guerilla - ANS -warfare tactic- irregular tactics that catch opponent off ... guard Fort Sumter - ANS -First Battle of Civil War Albert Pike - ANS -Confederate representative, negotiated agreements with 5 Tribes Civil War beginning and ending dates - ANS -April 12, 1861- April 9, 1865 Explain why leaders of the Five Tribes were disturbed by the election in 1860 of Abraham Lincoln. - ANS -Afraid of the outlaw of slavery, rumor that he would open up Indian Territory to settlers Describe Albert Pike's successes in negotiating pro-Confederate treaties with the Five Tribes and western Indians. - ANS -He got all 5 tribes to agree. What promises did the Confederate government make to the tribes? - ANS -They assumed financial responsibility for the tribes, protect them from invasion, guaranteed self-government, allowed slavery, and gave the right to the confederate courts Describe the three major battles in which Indian troops participated— Round Mountain, Pea Ridge, and Honey Springs. What was the significance of each? - ANS -Honey Springs- First battle in Indian Territory Round Mountain- Loyalists fled to Kansas Pea Ridge- Cherokee accused of scalping Describe the suffering experienced by the Confederate Indians after the Honey Springs defeat. - ANS -The fled to the Red River, attacked by thieves, and had almost no food and medical supplies What was the purpose of guerilla warfare? - ANS -to interrupt Union supply lines to Fort Gibson Describe the Confederacy's lack of support for the Confederate Indians in battle. - ANS -The Confederacy didn't arm many Indians Evaluate the impact of the war on the people of Indian Territory. - ANS -Confederate Indians ended up along Red River, Loyalists ended up in Kansas Both found land and crops destroyed, they were treated as a defeated nation [Show More]

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