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A fire extinguisher is useless in an emergency unless the person can use it. - ANS -T Which of the following statements about tobacco products is TRUE? A. Tobacco products contain over 4,000 d... ifferent chemicals. B. All chemicals found in tobacco products are carcinogens. C. Cigarettes are the least used tobacco product. D. Tobacco products are difficult to obtain. - ANS -A Which of the following is the WORST option for a teenager who does NOT want to have sex? A. insisting on stopping B. leaving the situation C. giving in to pressure D. explaining reasons for not wanting to proceed - ANS -C Overall, joining a fitness center is a bigger personal commitment than purchasing home fitness equipment. - ANS -F It is not important to develop effective communication skills. - ANS -F Which of the following BEST defines what a provider referral is? A. An infected person notifies past sexual partners about their STI. B. A testing facility notifies past sexual partners about an infected person's STI. [Show More]

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