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HSA 501 Week 8 Assignment 2 Managing Health Care Quality (worth 200 points)LATEST 2022

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Patients’ tend to evaluate care in terms of its responsiveness to their individual needs. Medicine has made remarkable advances over the past century which leads patients to expect that modern medic... ine is able and willing to solve most health problems. (E A McGlynn) Patients have a different outlook of quality compared to purchasers and health care professionals and this will lead to different evaluations. Patients will have a negative outlook on quality of they are limited on access to care and their choices of providers even though this would be a positive for purchasers in cost control. Patients will also monitor the length of their visits, yes it may reduce the cost of providing ambulatory care for shorter visits but this will be a negative aspect to the patients. The challenge for quality assessment is to find a way to balance these competing expectations and demands on the health system. A starting point is to make explicit what purchasers, patients, and health care professionals value and regard as an essential mission of health care. (E A McGlynn) Measurements of Quality of Care The quality cares of measurements I feel that matter most to patients are safety, Patient Satisfaction, Efficient, Patient Centered, and Employee Satisfaction with the Organization. Patient Safety is the prevention of harm to patients. This is done by preventing errors, learn from errors that do occur and is built on a culture of safety that involves health care professionals, organizations, and patients. (Mitchell PH) There are patient safety practices that are used to reduce the risk of adverse events related to exposure to medical care across a range of diagnoses or conditions. Patient safety is the cornerstone of high-quality health care. Much of the work defining patient safety and practices that prevent harm have focused on negative outcomes of care such as [Show More]

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