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CIS 552 Week 8 Assignment

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Abraham, S., & Chengalur-Smith, I. (2010). An overview of social engineering malware: Trends, tactics, and implications. Technology in Society, 32(3), 183-196. Retrieved from: http://www.sciencedirect... .com/science/article/pii/S0160791X10000497 Allen, J., Gomez, L., Green, M., Ricciardi, P., Sanabria, C., & Kim, S. (2012). Social Network Security Issues: Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks. CSIS, Pace University, B1-1. Retrieved from: Broadhurst, R. (2013). Crime in cyberspace: offenders and the role of organized crime groups. Retrieved from: Daya, B. (2013). Network security: History, importance, and future. University of Florida Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Retrieved from: article.pdf Schneider, D. (2012). The state of network security. Network Security, 2012(2), 14-20. Retrieved from: Introduction The acronym used for malicious software is Malware. It consists of several kinds of invasive, annoying and hostile software or program codes used by hackers for causing harm to others by means of damaging their computer systems or stealing private information. Malware can be of many different types for example computer viruses, malicious rootkits, Trojan horses, dishonest spyware and worms. This paper seeks to explain the common targets of malware, why they are attractive, difference between Trojan, viruses and worms and the possible methods that could be implemented for avoiding the risk of malware being entered in a network of an organization. Identify the common targets of malware. Explain why these targets are so attractive to hackers and what they benefit from each. [Show More]

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