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NURS 6512 Week 10 Quiz - Question and Answers GradeAplus

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A 23-year-old female presents with severe right lower quadrant tenderness. All of the following should be considered in the differential except: What is the initial diagnostic radiology test that sho... uld be ordered if you suspect a ruptured ovarian cyst? A 17-year-old male was brought into the emergency room with testicular/scrotal pain. The differential diagnosis should include all except: A nursing mother complains that her breasts are tender. You assess hard, shiny, and erythremic breasts bilaterally. You should advise the patient to: A normal vas deferens should feel: In a woman complaining of a breast lump, it is most important to ask about: The finding of a painless indurated lesion on the glans penis is most consistent with: Thrombosed hemorrhoids are: Pregnancy-related cervical changes include: You are inspecting the genitalia of an uncircumcised adult male. The foreskin is tight and cannot be easily retracted. You should: An adolescent male is being seen for acute onset of left testicular pain. The pain started 3 hours ago. He complains of nausea and denies dysuria or fever. Your prioritized assessment should be to: A 23-year-old white woman has come to the clinic because she has missed two menstrual periods. She states that her breasts have enlarged and that her nipples have turned a darker color. Your further response to this finding is to: During a pelvic examination for a postmenopausal woman you would expect to assess: While collecting personal and social history data from a woman complaining of breast discomfort, you should question her regarding: Your patient s chief complaint is repeated pencil-like stools. Further examination should include: Which one of the following is a proper technique for use of a speculum during a vaginal examination? A cervical polyp usually appears as a: Asking the woman to close the introitus during a pelvic examination is a test for: Male gynecomastia associated with illicit or prescription drug use can be expected to: A cremasteric reflex should result in: [Show More]

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