Biology > EXAM > G150/PHA 1500 - Rasmussen College Module 06 Section 13. Structure and Function of the Human Body. 72 (All)

G150/PHA 1500 - Rasmussen College Module 06 Section 13. Structure and Function of the Human Body. 72/75 Points.

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G150/PHA 1500 - Rasmussen College Module 06 Section 13. Structure and Function of the Human Body. \ Which plane divides the body/organ into anterior and posterior sections? Which plane divides the b... ody/organ into superior and inferior sections? Which term best describes the body maintaining a constant internal balance despite changes in the external environment? Physiology refers to the study of the body’s structure, whereas anatomy refers to the study of the body’s function. The axilla region is medial compared to the nose What organelle or structure is the DNA, our genetic material, found within? Which phase of the cell cycle does the cell divide into two new cells? What is the state of balance in which the body’s internal environment (factors) remains within normal ranges? Which organelle is responsible for producing our body’s energy source, ATP? Where is our body’s DNA, genetic material, located? Which cellular structure is selectively permeable for specific items to freely pass through it? The processes of diffusion and osmosis require energy, ATP, for it to occur. Cells have to replicate, or make a copy of, their DNA prior to going through mitosis and dividing into two new cells. Which type of tissue allows for allows for the transmission of electrical impulses that provide communication signals with the body? Which type of tissues lines hollow organs, covers the outer surface of the skin and functions to provide protection or allow for absorption and secretion of substances? What statement is true of the skin? A permanent tattoo will have ink in which layer or layers of the skin? Which type of skin cell is involved in regulating our overall skin tone and color? [Show More]

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