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APEA 3P Exam. NUR 634 Grand Canyon University. NUR-634 APEA 3P Exam Contains 150 Commonly Tested Questions and Answers.

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Grand Canyon University - NURSING NUR-634: APEA 3P Exam Questions and Answers 1. The groove of the metacarpophalangeal joint can be palpated by having the patient: 2. When auscultating breath soun... ds in a patient who has left sided heart failure, the breath sounds are: 3. The ankle-brachial index is a screening test used to assess a person’s risk for: 4. Olecranon bursitis may be caused by all of the following except: 5. In patients who have allergic rhinitis, the nasal mucosa appears: 6. A term used to describe an increase in muscular bulk with diminished strength is: 7. If abdominal pain persists when the patient raises his head and shoulders, the origin of the tenderness is probably: 8. On auscultation of the abdomen, rushes of high-pitched sounds are audible and coincide with abdominal cramps. These findings are most consistent with: 9. Ophthalmoscopic examination of the fundus reveals tiny, round, red spots in and around the macular area. These findings are consistent with: 10. Symptoms of a subdural hematoma include: 11. On examination of the adult patient, symptoms of flexed posture, tremor, rigidity, and shuffling gait are observed. These findings are consistent with: 12. When discussing the musculoskeletal system, all of the following statements related to articular structure disease are true except which one? 13. Focal tenderness over the trochanter confirms: 14. Assessing the neurological status of a child with a ventriculoperitoneal shunt should include: 15. The earliest recognizable clinical manifestation(s) of cystic fibrosis in an infant is: 16. A reddish blue, irregularly shaped, solid and spongy mass of blood vessels that may be present at birth and enlarge during the first 10 to 15 months is characteristic of a: 17. The hamstring muscles flex the knee and are located on the: 18. Ophthalmoscopic examination reveals dark specks noted between the fundus and the lens. These specks are most likely: 19. When performing the first Leopold maneuver on a pregnant woman, if the buttocks and head are not easily palpated at the fundus, the fetus is said to be in: 20. When performing a musculoskeletal examination, the nurse practitioner instructs the patient to move his arm in front of his body. This motion of the shoulder girdle would be an example of: 21. To locate the twelfth rib, palpate: 22. Walking on the toes and heels may reveal: 23. When performing a bimanual exam of the vagina, the examiner should lubricate the index and middle fingers of a gloved hand. From a standing position, the fingers should be inserted into the vagina while exerting pressure primarily: 24. During pregnancy, which hormone results in increased blood viscosity? 25. Resting tremors refer to those tremors that disappear: 26. A patient presents with complaints of bright red stools over the past week. This symptom could be consistent with: 27. Mydriasis is a term used to describe: 28. When performing a musculoskeletal exam on a patient with mechanical low back pain, osteoporosis is suspected. Positive findings would include all of the following except: 29. Which stage of pressure is consistent with findings on dermatologic examination of a full thickness tissue loss and subcutaneous fat visible with mild slough on the right hip? 30. The vertebral column angles sharply posteriorly and becomes immovable at the: 31. Which one of the following is at the HIGHEST risk for suicide? 32. When auscultating heart sounds arising from the aortic valve in an adult patient, place the stethoscope: 33. Pain and crepitus over the patella suggests: 34. Which one of the following findings is NOT typical in a patient who has delirium? 35. When examining the skin, multiple areas of circumscribed elevations of the skin filled with serous fluid measuring approximately 0.5cm were noted. These types of lesions could be seen in: 36. The principal muscles involved when closing the mouth are innervated by which cranial nerve? 37. The structure that creates a channel for the vertebral artery is known as the: 38. Which of the following is NOT a compliant patient with type 1 diabetes? 39. When suspecting pediculosis capitis, the chief complaint is: 40. The structure that appears as the large swelling posteriorly on the superior ramus of the ischium and bears most of the weight in sitting, is known as the: 41. When percussing the posterior chest, which one of the following techniques would be omitted? 42. On examination of the pupils, both are round but the right pupil appears larger than the left and reacts much slower to light. This condition may be indicative of: 43. During the type of seizure activity, the patient experiences partial seizures that resemble tonic-clonic seizures. The patient may recall the aura and unilateral neurologic deficit is present during the postictal period. This type of seizure activity is referred to as a: 44. A female patient complains of weakness in both arms when transferring the wet clothes from the washer and placing them in the dryer. This finding could be suggestive of which type of weakness pattern? 45. To palpate the right ovary when performing the bimanual vaginal exam, the abdominal hand should be on the right lower quadrant and the pelvic hand needs to be: 46. A serious disturbance in a person’s mental abilities that results in a decreased awareness of one’s environment and confused thinking is referred to as: 47. Which of the following screening tests for hearing loss can detect both sensorineural and conductive hearing loss? 48. Located on the anterior aspect of the distal femur, the patella slides on this groove during flexion and extension of the knee. The name of this groove is the: 49. A 86-year-old man with uncontrolled hypertension presents with sudden, intense left lower abdominal pain that radiates to the back. The pain is associated with a tearing sensation. These findings are MOST likely associated with: 50. Men between the ages of 40 and 64 years should be screened yearly for: 51. A term used to describe drainage from the nose is: 52. Tenderness over the scapulohumeral muscle group with the inability to abduct the arm above the shoulder level would be consistent with all of the following except: 53. In the older adult, the test for leg mobility is known as the: 54. Which one of the following procedures would confirm a definitive medical diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s disease? 55. Hypofunctioning of the thyroid gland would lead to all the following disorders except: 56. The fleshy projection of the earlobe is known as the: 57. A 50-year-old male describes difficulty emptying his bladder. On exam, a distended bladder is noted following urination. This finding may be associated with: 58. When performing an examination of the external genitalia of a female patient, a small firm, round cystic nodule in the labia is identified. This lesion is most consistent with: 59. Passive flexion, varus stress, and external rotation of the lower leg evaluates the: 60. When examining the knee, swelling above and adjacent to the patella was noted. This finding could be suggestive of: 61. While assessing the cranial nerves, the NP touches the cornea lightly with a wisp of cotton. This maneuver assesses which cranial nerve? 62. The NP instructs the patient to look over one shoulder, then the other. This maneuver would assess cervical: 63. During a speculum exam of the cervix the speculum is maintained in an open position by: 64. The NP is examining the elbow of a 16-year-old male athlete. Increased pain is noted when he tries to extend his wrist against resistance. This finding is most consistent with: 65. Which examination finding is defined as a congenital ventral displacement of the meatus on the penis? 66. Bowel sounds may be increased in the presence of: 67. Eversion of the upper eyelid can be performed by placing the cotton applicator on the upper lid above the level of the internal tarsal plates and then: 68. Anticipatory guidance for the family of a pre-adolescent with cognitive impairment should include information about: 69. Asymmetry, irregular borders, variation in color, diameter greater than 6 mm, and elevation represent the “ABCDEs” of: 70. When performing a spinal exam, the NP noted the appearance of poor posture and a “hump” appearance of the upper back. This finding could be suggestive of: 71. The area where the iliac crest terminates anteriorly on the ilium is known as the: 72. Following injury to the extremities, assessment for neurovascular competency should include the: 73. A patient is experiencing a dull achy pain in the epigastric area with eating. This type of pain is consistent with: 74. Which of the following conditions is NOT related to Polyuria? 75. When examining the elbow for range of motion, the NP instructs the patient to turn his palm upward. This motion is an example of: 76. The forward slippage of one vertebrae resulting in spinal cord compression is referred to as: 77. Skin conditions such as pruritis, hyperpigmentation, and calciphylaxis may be seen in patients who have: 78. The extension of the spine of the scapula located at the highest point of the shoulder is referred to as the: 79. A 60-year-old patient presents with severe, deep left eye pain. Findings reveal dilated and fixed left dilated and fixed left pupil and the cornea is cloudy. There is no ocular discharge noted. These findings are most likely consistent with: 80. A patient has a papule with an ulcerated center on the lower lid and medial canthus of the eye. This is consistent with: 81. Patients with prior hypospadias surgery who develop slow and painful urination as well as prostatitis are experiencing symptoms of: 82. Which substance used during pregnancy accounts for one third of all low-birth-weight infants, placental abruption, and preterm labor? 83. When screening for bladder cancer in a primary care setting, the test that would be LEAST appropriate is: 84. The axioscapular group of muscles include which on of the following? 85. A mental health condition characterized by over-the-top behavior such as emotional outbursts, noisy displays of temper, compulsive attention seeking and self-centered actions is: 86. Social phobia, panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are all examples of: 87. In older adults, the presence of heart sound S3 suggests: 88. Depigmented macules appearing on the face, hands, feet, and other parts of the body due to the lack of melanin are termed: 89. Restrictions of internal and external rotation of the hip are sensitive indicators of: 90. Which of the following neurological findings indicate the need for further evaluation? 91. The infant with the lowest risk of developing elevated levels of bilirubin is the one who: 92. The patient experiences a sudden loss of consciousness with falling without movements and injury may occur. The type of a seizure is consistent with: 93. When assessing the skin, it has a velvety appearance and is warm to touch. This could be associated with: 94. Breath sounds auscultated over the periphery of the lung fields are quiet and wispy during the inspiratory phase followed by a short, almost silent expiratory phase. These breath sounds are considered: 95. To palpate the medial meniscus, slightly internally rotate the tibia and palpate the medial soft tissue along the: 96. Eyelid retraction with exophthalmos presents as: 97. All of the following strategies are useful for assessing older adults at high risk for falls except: 98. If a patient has a history of heat intolerance with a preference to light clothing, this behavior could be consistent with: 99. The best method of detecting cognitive impairment or intellectual disability at an early age is by: 100. When screening for scoliosis, assessment should include: 101. In a female diagnosed with a first-degree uterine prolapse, the cervix: 102. The part of the brain that relays sensory information between brain regions and controls many autonomic functions of the peripheral nervous system is known as the: 103. During assessment of the thyroid, a fixed, firm, nontender large mass is noted. These findings describe: 104. When examining the foot of a patient, the nurse practitioner notes localized tenderness over the ankle joint. This could be suggestive of: 105. Women with hyperthyroidism often experience: 106. While auscultating the patient’s heart, a medium, soft murmur is audible. It is pansystolic and heard loudest at the apex with radiation to the left axilla. These findings are consistent with: 107. A 26-year-old man with a past medical history of sickle cell disease arrives at the office with complaints of a penile erection that has lasted 4 hours. He is experiencing symptoms of: 108. On ophthalmoscopic examination, glaucomatous cupping appears: 109. Hairy leukoplakia may be associated with: 110. To estimate the expected delivery date (EDD) using Naegele’s rule, if the last menses was March 3, 2014, the EDD would be: 111. The infraorbital or maxillary, buccinator, and supramandibular lymph nodes drain lymphatic fluid from the: 112. A whitish sebaceous secretion that collects between the glans and foreskin or in the vulva is known as: 113. The bony structures of the shoulder include all of the following except: 114. Murmurs audible during pregnancy may suggest: 115. A fine rhythmic oscillation of the eyes is termed: 116. The whispered voice test allows the examiner to screen for: 117. A patient experienced a neck injury yesterday and presents to the NP with aching paracervical pain and stiffness. Other complaints include dizziness, malaise, and fatigue. 118. When evaluating a patient for weakness of the upper extremities, bilateral distal weakness is noted. This finding could be suggestive of: 119. Fasciculations in atrophic muscles suggest: 120. The nerve that provides sensation to the palm and palmar surface of most of the thumb, second and third fingers, and half of the fourth digit is the: 121. Stools that appear black, tarry, and sticky are referred to as: 122. A patient with cirrhosis develops portal hypertension as indicated by the presence of: 123. Which of the following is considered an extrinsic risk factor for falls in the older adult? 124. The thoracic lymph duct drains lymphatic fluid from all of the following areas except the: 125. Which ethnicity is associated with glucose-6-phosoahte dehydrogenase (G-^-PD) deficiency 126. During pregnancy, which hormone is responsible for increasing insulin resistance and hyperglycemia associated with diabetes? 127. On examination of a six-week-old infant, developmental hip dysplasia (DDH) is suspected. If DDH is present, it might be evidenced by: 128. When should a vaginal swab for Group B streptococcus obtained in a pregnant woman? 129. Percussion of the abdomen should be avoided when? 130. Basic self-care activities are referred to as: 131. Which sexually transmitted disease (STD) is known as a ‘silent’ infection and often lacks abnormal physical findings: 132. With transillumination of the frontal sinuses, a dim red glow is observed on the forehead. This dim red glow would be indicative of: 133. During the mental status exam, a 45-year-old woman is easily distractible and seems to have difficulty responding to each question. This is an assessment of: 134. The normal fetal heart rate (FHR) range is: 135. A patient presents with a productive cough. Which one of the following descriptions of the mucus is correct? 136. The posterior cruciate ligament of the knee: 137. On physical exam, the soft palate does not rise, there is an absent gag reflex, and the patient complains of taste abnormalities. This requires further evaluation of the cranial nerve: 138. When performing a spinal exam, the nurse practitioner notices unequal heights of the iliac crests. This finding could be suggestive of: 139. When examining the ankle and the foot of a patient, the NP instructs the patient to point the foot toward the ceiling. This motion assess: 140. Ophthalmoscopic examination of the retina reveals AV tapering. This appears as if the: 141. The concavities noted on each side and above the patella are known as the: 142. The lymphatic ducts drain into the: 143. A swollen deviated uvula may be associated with a: 144. A patient complains of some pain in the distal portions of her fingers on both hands. She states that it tends to occur more frequently with exposure to cold. These symptoms may be consistent with: 145. When examining the elbow for range of motion, the NP instructs the patient to straighten his elbow. This motion is an example of: 146. The patellar tendon continues below the knee joint and inserts distally on the: 147. The hilar region of the lungs describes: 148. Physical signs associated with cervical myelopathy from cervical cord compression include: 149. Peritoneal inflammation produces abdominal pain and tenderness. What technique can be used to assess a tender abdomen suspected to be secondary to peritoneal inflammation? 150. To evaluate a patient’s response to a vibration sensation, the NP would ask the patient to identify: [Show More]

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