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Geospatial Lab Application Georeferencing an Image Question 3.1: Just by visual examination of the two maps, what types of transformative operations will have to be performed to the unreferenced m... ap to make it match the source map? The unreferenced map has all the campus buildings labelled and color coded. It also labels different things like parking lots. Question 3.2: Why is this a good location for a control point? Question 3.3: Which locations did you choose for the next two control points, and why did you choose them? Question 3.4: Why would you want to spread the control point selection across the image instead of clustering the points together?Question 3.5: Which location did you choose for the fourth control point, and why did you choose that location? Question 3.6 Which point has the highest error term, and what is that error value?Question 3.7 Which locations did you choose for the final three control points, and why did you choose them? Question 3.8 What are the final error values for each of your seven control points? [Show More]

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