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Apes Unit 3 Exam review, 100% Accurate, rated A+. latest updates.

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Apes Unit 3 Exam review, 100% Accurate, rated A+. latest updates. Population Distribution - ✔✔-Clumped - Groups of Populations Uniform - evenly spaced Randome - Randome populations Type 1 Su... rvivorship - ✔✔-ex: Humans, survivorship curves are for species that have a high survival rate of the young, live out most of their expected life span and die in old age. Type 2 Survivorship - ✔✔-survivorship curves are for species that have a relatively constant death rate throughout their life span. Death could be due to hunting or diseases. Examples of species exhibiting a Type II survivorship curve are coral, squirrels, honey bees and many reptiles. Type 3 Survivorship - ✔✔-survivorship curves are found in species that have many young, most of which die very early in their life. Plants, oysters and sea urchins are examples of species that have Type III survivorship curves. Thomas Malthus - ✔✔-Wrote essay on Principle of Populations, believed that population growth would be devistating Paul Ehrlich - ✔✔-Wrote population bomb - predicting over population and starvation in teh 1970's and 1980s Ipat model - ✔✔-How population growth effects environment Impact = Population x Affluence x Technology x S Population = individuals need space and resources Affluence = greater per capita resource use Technology = increased exploitation of resources Sensitivity = how sensitive an area is to human [Show More]

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