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MedCa Exam 91 Questions with Verified Answers Pathology - CORRECT ANSWER The study of nature and the cause of disease How many liters of blood does the body contain? - CORRECT ANSWER 5 liters ... Erythrocytes - CORRECT ANSWER Red blood cells Leukocyte - CORRECT ANSWER White blood cell Thrombocytes - CORRECT ANSWER Platelets 120 days - CORRECT ANSWER How long does mature red blood cells live once they enter blood stream Hemoglobin - CORRECT ANSWER Iron containing pigment of red blood cells Pre-analytical phase - CORRECT ANSWER Phlebotomist are primarily responsible for this phase of lab testing Blood collected in neonatology department - CORRECT ANSWER This is Done for patients who are hours to a few days old Pharmacy department - CORRECT ANSWER Primary consultant on timing for collecting blood for drug levels Where blood cells begin formation - CORRECT ANSWER Lymph nodes and bone marrow Flowchart - CORRECT ANSWER Used in quality improvement methodologies and designed to assist in breaking out components into diagram to understand a process Quality improvement for specimen collection involve - CORRECT ANSWER -Phlebotomist technique -Recollection rates -Frequency of hematomas Pareto charts - CORRECT ANSWER Designed to assist in making bar charts that show frequency of problems Anemic - CORRECT ANSWER A person who has too little hemoglobin or a decreased number of red blood cells Type and cross match - CORRECT ANSWER Process of determining if a person will react after a transfusion Total volume of formed elements of blood - CORRECT ANSWER 45% total volume of blood liquid makes up - CORRECT ANSWER 55% Serum - CORRECT ANSWER When blood is removed from body, blood clots and the liquid portion is called Centrifuge - CORRECT ANSWER Instrument used to speed the removal of serum by spinning the blood Supine position - CORRECT ANSWER Lying face up on back RFID - CORRECT ANSWER Identification tag using silicon chips and a wireless receiver Normal Blood pH range - CORRECT ANSWER 7.35 to 7.45 Blood for lead levels are collected in - CORRECT ANSWER Tan topped tubes 2 hours - CORRECT ANSWER Within how many hours should Serum be transported to lab for testing and separated from red blood cells, preventing erroneous results Acid citrate dextrose - CORRECT ANSWER Anticoagulant used in blood donations To avoid micro clotting in tube, important that blood be collected - CORRECT ANSWER Why should the purple topped tube be gently inverted a minimum of 8 times Why should Clean gloves be put on in front of patient - CORRECT ANSWER It is a reassuring safety conscious gesture for both patient and worker Pneumatic tube system - CORRECT ANSWER Most efficient and safe methods of specimen transportation in large health care organization Royal blue topped tube - CORRECT ANSWER Measurement of blood cooper trace element Computerized labels using bar codes - CORRECT ANSWER Most reliable method for avoiding transcription errors in specimen collection Dorsal side of hand and wrist - CORRECT ANSWER If veins in arm cannot be used for venipuncture where the preferred alternative veins lie Glucose level - CORRECT ANSWER Most commonly requested timed specimen When collecting blood in evacuated tube with an anticoagulant, what is the importance of having correct volume of blood? - CORRECT ANSWER It provides the correct blood additive ratio When are Skin puncture techniques are most often used? - CORRECT ANSWER When Small amounts of blood are needed for testing, neonate or anemic How many chromosomes are in human cells - CORRECT ANSWER 46 chromosomes Therapeutic phlebotomy is used in treatment of - CORRECT ANSWER Polycythemia In relation to veins, what does occluded mean - CORRECT ANSWER Obstructed Which finger has a pulse - CORRECT ANSWER Thumb Last step in any phlebotomy procedure, including skin puncture - CORRECT ANSWER Check that the bleeding has stopped and thank the patient for cooperating What causes pooling of blood in veins - CORRECT ANSWER Tourniquet What is the Best way to decontaminate phlebotomist hands if they are visibly dirty with dust and dirt - CORRECT ANSWER Wash hands with soap and water Alcohol should be allowed to dry for how many seconds before venipuncture - CORRECT ANSWER 30-60 seconds During venipuncture, what is the best angle for inserting the needle into the skin - CORRECT ANSWER 15-30 degrees During venipuncture procedure, what does phlebotomist do after needle is inserted and blood begins to flow - CORRECT ANSWER Release the tourniquet The term butterfly refers to - CORRECT ANSWER The winged infusion set During venipuncture, the needle should always be inserted with - CORRECT ANSWER Bevel side up What is the antecubital area - CORRECT ANSWER Slightly below the elbow What is importance of hand hygiene techniques - CORRECT ANSWER It significantly reduces the number of outbreaks of infections Why should blood and urine specimens for microbiological culture be transported to the labs quickly - CORRECT ANSWER To improve the likelihood of detecting pathogens Approximately how long does it take a normal blood specimen to clot - CORRECT ANSWER 30-60 minutes Quality control records include information about - CORRECT ANSWER -Proper use and storage -Expiration dates and stability -Precision and accuracy of testing supplies/reagents Glycolytic action refers to which condition - CORRECT ANSWER Breakdown of glucose Bar codes in phlebotomy applications can be used for - CORRECT ANSWER -Specimen accession numbers, test codes -Product number, inventory expiration dates -Patient names, DOB, patient identification number Which anticoagulant is found in Royal blue topped tube - CORRECT ANSWER No anticoagulant Lithium heparin is suitable anticoagulant for which study - CORRECT ANSWER Stat chemistry Preferred anticoagulant for collection of whole blood for STAT situations in clinical chemistry - CORRECT ANSWER Heparin Which Needle gauges has smallest diameter - CORRECT ANSWER 23, the larger gauge has the smaller the needle Intravenous device used in collecting blood from patients who are difficult to collect blood by conventional methods - CORRECT ANSWER Butterfly needle Blood cell count requiring whole blood collection - CORRECT ANSWER Purple topped tube What tube should Alkaline phosphate never be collected in - CORRECT ANSWER Gray topped tubes Color coding for needles indicates - CORRECT ANSWER Gauge Light sensitive blood analytes - CORRECT ANSWER Bilirubin Monoject monoletter - CORRECT ANSWER Safety device for collecting capillary blood Yellow topped vacuum collection tube has what additive - CORRECT ANSWER Sodium polyanetholesulfonate (SPS) For newborns the penetration depth of lancets for blood collection must be less than - CORRECT ANSWER 2.0 mm Cytogenetic analysis requires whole blood collected in which tube - CORRECT ANSWER Green topped tube Report form for lab results include - CORRECT ANSWER -Patient and physician identification -Date and time collected -Reference ranges pre-analytic variable that might affect lab testing results - CORRECT ANSWER Patient ate a hearty breakfast Hemolyzed specimens - CORRECT ANSWER Cause Chemical interference with lab assays Blood specimen with separation device should be centrifuges how many times - CORRECT ANSWER 1 time To chill a blood specimen as transported, healthcare worker should use - CORRECT ANSWER Icy water Handwritten info cannot be converted into bar code symbols - CORRECT ANSWER True Homeostasis refers to - CORRECT ANSWER Steady state condition Chemical substance that prevents blood from clotting - CORRECT ANSWER Anticoagulant Systolic pressure - CORRECT ANSWER Pressure when heart is contracted 120/80, the 120 is - CORRECT ANSWER Systolic pressure Diastolic pressure - CORRECT ANSWER Pressure when heart is relaxed between beats Median cubital - CORRECT ANSWER The vein most preferred when drawing blood Autoclave - CORRECT ANSWER An instrument for sterilizing that uses steam under pressure Sharps container - CORRECT ANSWER Specially labeled puncture resistant container for disposal of needles, scalpels and syringes Hand washing - CORRECT ANSWER Single most important way to prevent spread of infection in health facility What are the Components in a chain of infection - CORRECT ANSWER -Source -Poor isolation technique -Susceptible host Nosocomial - CORRECT ANSWER Patient develops infection during hospital stay not present beforehand Primary purpose of infection control - CORRECT ANSWER Prevent spread of infection within hospital and other health facilities Under universal precautions all used needles are to be disposed of in following manner - CORRECT ANSWER Discarded intact A potential source of infectious material from a patient in protective isolation includes - CORRECT ANSWER None the phlebotomist is a potential threat to patient When coming in contact with patients under protective isolation it is necessary to wear - CORRECT ANSWER -Mask -Globes -Gown Cultural sensitivity for phlebotomist involves learning about - CORRECT ANSWER The Skin's sensitivity to pain Refer to patients right/left arm - CORRECT ANSWER When speaking with patient about which arm to use for venipuncture, how should phlebotomist refer to r/l arm? Biopsy tissue - CORRECT ANSWER The Specimen taken to anatomic pathology [Show More]

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