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Openstax Psychology Chapter 5 Key Terms and Definitions

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Openstax Psychology Chapter 5 Key Terms and Definitions Organizing information into meaningful pattern is known as Perception What is the tympanic Membrane? Ear Drum This theory states that hearing ... works on the belief that pitch depends on the rate of response in which neurons fire in synch with signals from sound waves. Frequency Theory This theory states that hearing works on the belief that different frequencies of air waves activate different locations on the basilar membrane Place theory You do Not constantly feel clothing on your body because of Sensory adaptation The perception of color is a function of Wavelength Filling in gaps in what our senses tell us is called Closure The size of the just noticeable difference is a constant proportion of the initial stimulus is called Difference threshold Smell receptors send messages to the brain via the______nerve Olfactory The process where raw energy is converted into neural signals that are sent to the brain is called Transduction When we distinguish figures from the background. This is called Figure-Ground Principle Olfactory receptors are built so that only molecules with particular shapes will fit in particular receptors. This is described as Lock and Key Which of the following is not part of the skins four basic Types of sensation [Show More]

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