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ANCC Certification Exam. American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) TEST BANK. Contains 300 Commonly Tested Questions and Answers.

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ANCC Certification Exam. American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) TEST BANK. The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) TEST BANK 1. (+) ANA is will be seen in which diseases?: 1) SLE 2) R... A 3) Graves's disease in absent of other autoimmune diseases 2. (+) pANCA titer with (-) ASCA IgG: Ulcerative Colitis 3. 1) ACUTE Chest pain 2) Dyspnea 3) Cough 4) Hypotension IN PRESENCE OF COAGULOPATHIC STATE: Pulmonary Emboli S/S 4. 1) ACUTE Chest pain 2) Dyspnea 3) Cough 4) Hypotension IN PRESENCE OF RALES & REFRACTORY HYPOXEMIA: ARDS S/S 5. 1) ACUTE Chest pain 2) Dyspnea 3) Cough 4) Hypotension IN PRESENCE OF TRAUMA: Pneumothorax S/S 6. 1) Cupping of the disk 2) Constriction of visual fields (blurry around the periphery): S/S seen with open angle glaucoma (chronic) 7. 1-Degree heart block: PR interval LONG Otherwise NSR NL PR = 0.12 - 0.2 sec 8. 1) Difficult with vision at night 2) Sensitivity to light 3) Fading yellow of colors 4) Unilateral diplopia (in single eye) 5) No red-light reflex 6) Cloudy lense: S/S seen with cataracts 9. 1) Extreme Pain 2) Halos around lights 3) Pupils fixed dilated: S/S seen with closed angle glaucoma (acute) 10. 1) Severe HTN 2) Bradycardia 3) N/V 4) Flushing, diaphoresis ABOVE the injury AND chills / vasoconstriction BELOW the injury.: S/S of Autonomic Dysreflexia 11. 1st Degree BURN: SUPERFICIAL Dry, red, no blisters Epidermis ONLY 12. 2-degree heart block (Mobitz 2): Everything marches out but you have lonely Ps with no QRS 13. 2-degrees heart block (Mobitz1/Weckenback): PR starts off NL, then gets a little longer, then alot longer, then drops you have no QRS 14. 2nd Degree BURN: PARTIAL THICKNESS Moist, blisters Extends BEYOND the epidermis 15. 3-degree heart block: Similar to Mobitz 2 but with wide complexes 16. 3 "H" to avoid in Increased ICP: 1) Hypotension 2) Hypoxemia (maintain CPP > 70mmHg) 3) Hypercapnia (Maintain CO2 < 35; alkalotic) 17. 3rd Degree BURN: FULL THICKNESS Dry, leathery, black, pearly, waxy Extends from epidermis, to dermis, to underlying tissues, fat, muscles, and/or bones 18. 4 "Ps" in Spinal Chord Injury: 1) Paralysis 2) Pain 3) Paresthesia (numbness) 4) Position 19. (6) Most common causes for CVA?: THAAAT 1) Atherosclerosis 2) HTN 3) Tumor 4) AV abnl - leading to Afib 5) Trauma 6) Aneurysm 20. 50% Nephron loss; Cr level inc by 2X: Diminished renal reserve 21. 75% Nephron loss; Azotemia: Renal insufficiency 22. 90% Nephron loss; Azotemia; Metabolic changes.: Labs in ESRD 23. Abdominal X-ray with flat and upright views: Most appropriate radiologic exam for perforated peptic ulcer. 24. ADA guideline for diagnosis of DM include what?: 1) FBG ≥116 X 2 2) Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) > 200mg/dL 3) HgbA1c > 6.5 4) Random BG >200 25. Addison's Disease Triad: Hypoglycemia Hyponatremia Hyperkalemia ...(Inc ESR, lymphocytosis, low cortisol in AM < 5mcg/dL) 26. Adult learning theory: 1) Internally motivate and self directed 2) Knowledgeable through life experiences 3) Goal oriented 4) Relevancy oriented 5) Practical 6) Likely to be respected or respectful of others. 27. After tx for H. Pylori, what should pt be on? and why?: 1) H2- blocker, sucralfate (8 wks) 2) Protect against ulcers 28. Agnosia: Inability to recognize objects [Show More]

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