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community health ATI During a home health visit a school age child who has muscular dystrophy confides in the nurse that he was struck by his parents. which of the following actions should the nur... se take first? 1. report the incident to local authorities 2. check the child for injuries 3. refer the parent to a social service agency 4. enroll the parent in anger management classes. a nurse is planning a program about healthy eating at an elementary school where most students select French fries and pizza at lunch every day. which of the following actions should the nurse plan to take first? 1. give positive feedback to students who make appropriate choices. 2. help students recognize the value of making healthy food choices 3. provide students with resources about making wise choices independently 4. determine student’s motivation to learn about healthy food choices. a nurse manger in local community health agency is creating a job description for a new nurse who will practice community oriented nursing. which of the following should the nurse include in the job description? (select all that apply) 1. investigate potential health and environmental issues 2. initiate support groups for parents of autistic children 3. provide wound care for clients in their homes 4. participate in local health surveillance activities 5. provide health related education to community groups a community health nurse is planning an educational program for a group of women who are postmenopausal. which of the following outcomes is appropriate for this program? 1. clients will schedule bone density screening 2. clients will arrange for mammograms every 3 years 3. clients will start hormone replacement therapy 4. clients will significantly decrease caloric intake a nurse is working with a care manager for a client who participates in a health maintenance organization. the nurse should identify that a health maintenance organization provides which of the following payment structures. 1. the client is participating in a fee for service health care insurance program 2. the provider is paid a fixed sum for the client on a monthly or yearly basis 3. the client pays the insurer a percentage of the total costs for each service rendered by the provider 4. the provider bills the client directly for a predetermined percentage of the cost of services a client who has diabetes mellitus asks a home health nurse to help her adapt some of her traditional cultural foods to fit her meal plan. which of the following is the first action the nurse should take when assisting this client? 1. provide the client with a printed recipe 2. observe the client during preparation of traditional foods 3. use cookbooks to include traditional foods in meal plans 4. explain diabetes exchange list 7. a home health nurse manager is caring for a client who has methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus. which of the following actions should the nurse take? 1. remove fresh flowers from the client’s home 2. wear a mask when within 3 feet of the client 3. encourage the client to use a hepa filter in the house 4. double bag soiled dressing in polyethylene bags. 8. an occupational health nurse is discussing health promotion with a client who has a history of obesity. which of the following comments indicates the client is using rationalization as a coping mechanism? 1. i have lots of health problems from being obese 2. I am obese it’s in my genes 3. i have difficulty resisting the items in vending machines 4. i know you don’t like me because i am obese 9. a nurse is conducting a community assessment. which of the following information should the nurse include as part of the windshield survey? 1. demographic data 2. mortality rate 3. informant interviews 4. housing quality 10. a community health nurse is educating a parent about the importance of hepatitis B immunization. which of the following explanations should the nurse give the parent about the disease? 1. one dose of the immunization gives children lifelong protection from hepatitis B 2. hepatitis B spreads easily among children through casual contact 3. many people who acquire acute hepatitis B develop chronic hepatitis 4. people who have had a hepatitis B infection still need the immunization 11. a first response team is working at the location of a bombing incident. a nurse triaging a group of clients should give treatment priority to which of the following clients. 1. a client who has superficial partial thickness burn injuries over 5% of his body 2. a client who has a femur fracture with a 2+ pedal pulse 3. a client who is ambulatory and exhibits manic behavior 4. a client who has a rigid abdomen with manifestations of shock. [Show More]

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