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PN2 NUR2571 Community Health ATI Exam 2022/2023 Graded A+

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A nurse manager at community agency is developing an orientation program for newly hired nurses. When discoursing the differences between community-based and community-oriented nursing, the nurse shou... ld include which of the following situations as an example of community-based nursing? (SATA) a. a home health nurse performing wound care for a client who is immobile b. an occupational health nurse providing classes on body mechanics at a local industrial plant c. a school nurse teaching a student who has asthma about medications d. a parish nurse teaching a class on low-sodium cooking techniques e. a mental health nurse discussing stress management techniques with a support group - ANSWER a c A nurse is advocating for local leaders to place a newly approved community health clinic in an area of the city that has fewer resources than other areas. The nurse is advocating for the leaders to uphold which of the following ethical principles? a. distributive justice b. fidelity c. respect for autonomy d. veracity - ANSWER a A nurse is preparing an education program on disease transmission for employees at a local day care facility. When discussing the epidemiological triangle, the nurse should include which of the following factors as agents? (SATA) a. resource availability b. ethnicity c. toxins d. bacteria e. altered immunity - ANSWER c d A nurse is developing a community health education program for a group of clients who have a new diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. Which of the following learning strategies should the nurse include for clients who are auditory learners? a. showing informational videos b. providing equipment to practice hands-on skills c. supplying outlines for note-taking d. facilitating small group discussions - ANSWER d A community health nurse is implementing health programs with several populations in the local area. In which of the following situations is the nurse using primary prevention? a. performing a home safety check at a client's home b. teaching healthy nutrition to clients who have hypertension c. providing influenza immunizations to employees at a local preschool d. implementing a program to notify individuals exposed to a communicable disease - ANSWER c A nurse is preparing an educational program on cultural perspectives in nursing. The nurse should include that which of the following factors are influenced by an individual's culture? (SATA) a. nutritional practices b. family structure c. health care interactions d. biological variations e. views about illness - ANSWER a b c e A nurse is caring for a client who is from a different culture than himself. When beginning the cultural assessment, which of the following actions should the nurse take first? a. determine the client's perception of his current health status b. gather data about the client's cultural beliefs c. determine how the client's culture can affect the effectiveness of nursing actions d. gather information about previous client interactions with the health care system - ANSWER b A nurse is using the I PREPARE mnemonic to assess a client's potential environmental exposures. Which of the following questions should the nurse ask when assessing for "A" in the mnemonic? a. "What do you like to do for fun?" b. "What year was your residence built?" c. "What jobs have you had in the past?" d. "What industries are near where you live?" - ANSWER a A nurse is reviewing information about the local health department to prepare for an interview. Which of the following services should the nurse expect the local health department to provide? (SATA) a. managing the women, infants, and children program b. providing education to achieve community health goals c. coordinating directives from state personnel d. reporting communicable diseases to the CDC e. licensing of registered nurses - ANSWER b c A nurse is conducting health screenings at a statewide health fair and identifies several clients who require referral to a provider. Which of the following statements by a client indicates a barrier to accessing health care? a. "I don't drive, and my son is only available to take me places in the mornings." b. "I can't take off during the day, and the local after-hours clinic is no longer in operation." c. "Only one doctor in my town is designated provider by my health maintenance organization." d. "I would like to schedule an appointment with the local doctor in my town who speaks Spanish and English." - ANSWER b A nurse is preparing to conduct a windshield survey. Which of the following data should the nurse collect as a component of this assessment? (SATA) a. ethnicity of community members b. individuals who hold power within the community c. natural community boundaries d. prevalence of disease e. presence of public protection - ANSWER a c e A nurse is completing a needs assessment and beginning analysis of data. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first? a. determine health patterns within collected data b. compile collected data into a database c. ensure data collection is complete d. identity health needs of the local community - ANSWER b A nurse is planning a community health program. Which of the following actions should the nurse include as part of the evaluation plan? a. determine availability of resources to initiate the plan b. fain approval for the program from local leaders c. establish a timeline for implantation of interventions d. compare program impact to similar programs - ANSWER d A nurse is conducting a community assessment. Which of the following data collection methods is the nurse using when having direct conversation with individual members of the community? a. key informant interviews b. participant observation c. focus groups d. health surveys - ANSWER a A nurse is collecting data to identify health needs in the local community. Which of the following examples should the nurse identify as secondary data? (SATA) a. birth statistics b. previous health survey results c. windshield survey d. community forum [Show More]

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