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Running Head: i-Human Patients®, Tiffany Wentz: Reflection 2 i-Human Patients Tiffany Wentz-Reflection According to Dixon, A.E., Holguin, F., Sood, A., Salome, C.M, Pratley, R.E., Beuther, D.A., e... t al. (2010), asthma is as changeable inflammation of airways, by reoccurring attacks of shortness of breath, cough, and wheeze, affecting all ages. Airway obstruction and bronchial responsiveness are connected to asthma, these symptoms are related to factors, such as atopy, obesity, reflux, stressors, and obstructive sleep apnea. Asthma is diagnosed by physical exam and symptomatology. Signs and symptoms of respiratory distress, rhinitis, nasal irritation and swelling, prolonged expiratory phases, and triggers of symptoms help in the diagnosis. Provide a rationale for the questions you asked during the history examination. When diagnosing a patient with asthma it is helpful to ask the patient if they have a family history of asthma. A familial history of asthma, allergies or eczema escalates a patient’s chances of having asthma. Ask the patient to explain their symptoms. Having them to describe their symptoms lets the provider determine if it is asthma, or if there are other coexisting conditions such as GERD, or sinusitis. The question of do you know what triggers your asthma? Studies demonstrated that patients presenting with asthma have a high rate of sensitization to the indoor allergen. About 50% of more of adults will have an allergic component to their disease. How frequently are you having asthma, and how long do they last? Give an idea of whether the patient is taking their medications and how well the asthma is being controlled (Jarvis, C., 2012). [Show More]

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by alice heard · 2 years ago

3 stars

thank for the three stars by montanagreys. 2 years ago

Thanks for the three stars by montanagreys. 2 years ago


by montanagreys · 2 years ago

thank for the three stars

by montanagreys · 2 years ago

Thanks for the three stars

by [email protected] · 2 years ago

assignment was good but not help ful withthe contents.

which part did you miss by montanagreys. 2 years ago


by montanagreys · 2 years ago

which part did you miss


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