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Esther Parks Focused Exam Abdominal Pain Subjective. 2020 Subjective Data Collection: 41 of 41 (100.0%).

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Subjective Data Collection: 41 of 41 (100.0%) Chief Complaint Orientation History of Presenting Illness Your Results Reopen (/assignment_attempts/7049123/reopen Lab Pass (/assignment_attempts/704... 9123/lab_pass.p Overview Transcript Subjective Data Collection Objective Data Collection Education & Empathy Documentation Care Plan Indicates an item that you found. Indicates an item that is available to be found. Category Scored Items Experts selected these topics as essential components of a strong, thorough interview with this patient. Patient Data Not Scored A combination of open and closed questions will yield better patient data. The following details are facts of t patient's case. Established chief complaint Reports abdominal pain Reports difficulty with bowel movements Asked about orientation Oriented to own person Oriented to place Oriented to situation Oriented to time Asked about onset of the pain Reports discomfort for the past five days Reports pain worsened intensely 2-3 days ago Asked about location of the pain Reports pain in lower abdomen Reports pain is not localized Denies flank pain Hover To Reveal... Hover over the Patient Data items below to reveal important information, including Pro Tips and Example Questions. ********************************** CONTINUED IN THE ATTACHMENT *********************************** [Show More]

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