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Shadow Health Cardiovascular Tina Jones Subjective Data Collection: 26 of 28 (92.9%). Health Assessment Laboratory.

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Your Results T Tu ur rn n I In n R Re eo op pe en n L La ab b P Pa as ss s Indicates an item that you found. Indicates an item that is available to be found. Category Scored Items Experts selecte... d these topics as essential components of a strong, thorough interview with this patient. Patient Data Not Scored A combination of open and closed questions will yield better patient data. The following details are facts of the patient's case. Relevant Medical History Asked about heart problems Denies heart problems Asked about heartbeat Reports normal heartbeat Reports normal heart rate Denies palpitations Denies arrhythmia Asked about high blood pressure Denies high blood pressure Reports last blood pressure check 140 over 80 or 90 Reports belief that current blood pressure is on the high side of normal range Asked about heart murmur Denies heart murmur Overview Subjective Data Collection: 26 of 28 (92.9%) Transcript Subjective Data Collection Objective Data Collection Documentation Hover To Reveal... Hover over the Patient Data items below to reveal important information, including Pro Tips and Example Questions. Asked about swelling Denies swelling other than foot wound Asked about blue skin Denies blue skin Asked about cardiac tests Denies having a stress test Denies having an echocardiogram Denies having a coronary artery CT scan Asked about cardiac surgeries Denies having a heart catheterization Denies having angioplasty or stent Denies having a pacemaker Review of Systems Asked about chest pain Denies chest pain Denies angina Asked about chest tightness Reports chest tightness during asthma exacerbations Denies current chest tightness Asked about breathing problems Reports wheezing Reports shortness of breath Denies waking at night, unable to breathe Denies sleep apnea Denies difficulty breathing when lying down Denies current breathing problems Followed up on breathing problem triggers Reports breathing problems occur during asthma exacerbations Asked about leg cramping Denies leg cramping Risk Factors Asked about mobility Reports being immobile for past three days Asked about Venous Thrombosis Denies tender or painful areas other than foot wound ********************************** CONTINUED IN THE ATTACHMENT *********************************** [Show More]

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