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HIEU 201 Chapter 5 Quiz latest 2020 – Liberty University Alexander's invasion of the Near East was motivated primarily by a. his desire to obtain the agricultural wealth of Mesopotamia and Egy... pt in order to feed the growing population of Greece. b. a wish to avenge the Persian attacks on Greece in the fifth century B.C.; to eliminate any further threat from Persia; and also to satisfy his own desire for adventure. c. his personal hatred for the Persian king, Darius III. d. the pledge he made to Philip to destroy the Ionian cities that had rebelled against him. Hide Feedback Correct Which of the following is NOT an example of the ways in which the world changed after Alexander's conquests? a. The distinctions between barbarian and Greek became much more prominent. b. The parochialism of the polis gave way to a world outlook. c. A new fusion of disparate peoples and the intermingling of cultural traditions developed. d. The West and East were brought much closer together. Hide Feedback Correct The Hellenistic kingdoms were ruled by kings who relied on the a. use of mercenary armies and sought loyalty from their subjects. b. political ideals of Athens and sought, like Solon, to create democratic government. c. political order of ancient Hebrews and sought to organize their societies into communal tribes. d. political ideals of Sparta and sought to create military order. Hide Feedback Correct Koine refers to a form of shared ________ in Hellenistic cities. a. language b. laws c. political philosophy d. religious beliefs Hide Feedback Correct Hellenistic cosmopolitanism expressed itself in all of the following ways EXCEPT a. an expansion of trade. b. the integration of the culture of the city and the culture of the countryside. c. an increased movement of peoples. d. the adoption of common currency standards. Hide Feedback Correct Signs that the status of women in Hellenistic society showed some improvement over the classical period include evidence that a. some royal mothers and daughters exercised political power. b. some nonroyal women held important priestly offices. c. women contributed to high culture as poets, harpists, artists, and architects far more than in the classic era. d. all of the above Hide Feedback Correct The leading historian of the Hellenistic Age was a. Theophrastus. b. Polybius. c. Theocritus. d. Apollonius of Rhodes. Hide Feedback Correct The achievements of Hellenistic scientists a. resulted in immediate technological applications that enhanced people's material comfort. b. were stimulated, at least in part, by the exchange of new ideas and new knowledge gathered over a wide geographical area. c. were made primarily by Athenians inspired by Plato's interest in the natural world. d. were entirely abstract or philosophical and would never lead to any practical applications. Hide Feedback Correct The philosophy of Epicurus a. taught the value of passivity and urged withdrawal from civic life. b. encouraged people to help change the world through political action. c. recommended the pursuit of pleasure as bringing the greatest joy in life. d. was based on the assumption that higher powers, such as gods, control the material world from beyond. Hide Feedback Correct Stoicism reflected the cosmopolitan nature of Hellenistic society in that a. its founder, Zeno, encouraged the spread of democratic political institutions. b. it advocated greater social and economic equality among all people. c. it postulated that the world constituted a single society, the city of humanity united by the concept of Logos. d. its founder, Zeno, conceived of the Divine Order as the use of military force to keep peace among diverse and conflicting people. Hide Feedback Correct The Skeptics taught that a. truth does not exist. b. human reason brings no happiness, therefore one should have faith in the will of the gods. c. one truth is as good as another, therefore one should do and believe whatever one wants. d. truth may or may not exist, but humans are incapable of resolving this question. Hide Feedback Correct Cynics responded to the conditions of the Hellenistic world by a. renouncing worldliness in favor of a return to traditional Greek religious beliefs and practices. b. rejecting the old Greek idea of freedom in favor of more discipline, law, and order in society. c. joining together in tightly knit communities, where new social bonds would replace the general alienation of society. d. disassociating themselves from all aspects of normal society and emphasizing total individual freedom. Hide Feedback Correct After Alexander's death a. the Persians conquered his empire and regained their dominance of the Western world. b. his empire lasted intact for another two hundred years, providing the basis for the Roman Empire. c. his empire fractured into three dynasties: the Antigonids in Egypt, the Ptolemies in western Asia, and the Seleucids in Macedonia. d. his empire fractured into three dynasties: the Ptolemies in Egypt, the Seleucids in western Asia, and the Antigonids in Macedonia. Hide Feedback Correct The unrivaled commercial center of the Hellenistic world was a. Athens. b. Sardis. c. Alexandria. d. Persepolis. Hide Feedback Correct The Alexandrian scholar-poet Callimachus a. rejected poetry as unequal to scholarly work. b. rejected Greek philosophy as unequal to the epics of Homer. c. urged his fellow poets to write short, finely crafted works rather than epics. d. urged poets to write long epic works to rival Homer. Hide Feedback Correct The plays of Menander a. were apolitical, portraying instead a preoccupation with private life and human weakness. b. were deeply religious, focusing on the gods and their will. c. were deeply political, critiquing all aspects of Hellenistic government. d. were chauvinistic, praising all things Greek and rejecting other cultures. Hide Feedback Correct Hellenistic and Hellenic philosophers differed in that a. Hellenistic thinkers rejected the rational tradition of Hellenic thought. b. Hellenic thought was more concerned with the good life, whereas Hellenistic thought concentrated on understanding the natural world. c. Hellenic thinkers sought to define the individual's relationship to the polis, while Hellenistic philosophy dealt more with the individual's relationship to humanity. d. Hellenistic philosophy had no concern for spiritual or ethical matters. Hide Feedback Correct Epicurus believed that a wise person should a. pursue wealth, power, and fame, since all three brought happiness. b. seek to escape from all sources of worry and fear. c. surrender him or herself to physical pleasure as a way to achieve happiness. d. involve him or herself in civic life as a way to achieve happiness. Hide Feedback Correct According to the Stoics, the wise person a. should strive to better his or her social and economic position. b. ordered their lives according to natural law. c. should give his or her emotions free range, in order that he or she might better understand them. d. should seek out suffering, in order to learn how to endure it. Hide Feedback Correct In contrast to Epicurean and Stoic belief, the Skeptics a. held that there is a definite route to happiness. b. rejected the idea that one should avoid anxiety. c. believed that only through faith in the gods, could one find true peace. d. held that all systems of belief were flawed and did not seek a single path to happiness. Hide Feedback Correct [Show More]

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