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Case Study 72 Name ____WHITNEY LANG_____________________________ Class/Group _____________________________ Date _____________ Scenario K.B. is a 32-year-old woman being admitted to the medical flo... or for fatigue and dehydration. While taking her history, you discover that she has diabetes mellitus (DM) and has been insulin dependent since the age of 8. She has undergone hemodialysis (HD) for the past 2 years because of end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Your initial assessment of K.B. reveals a pale, thin, slightly drowsy woman. Her skin is warm and dry to the touch with poor skin turgor, and her mucous membranes are dry. Her vital signs are 140/88, 116, 18, 99.9° F (37.7° C). She tells you she has been nauseated for 2 days so she has not been eating or drinking. She reports severe diarrhea. The following blood chemistry results are back. Chart View Laboratory Test Results Sodium 145 mEq/L (145 mmol/L) Potassium 6.0 mEq/L (6.0 mmol/L) Chloride 93 mEq/L (93 mmol/L) Bicarbonate 27 mEq/L (27 mmol/L) BUN 48 mg/dL (17.1 mmol/L) Creatinine 5.0 mg/dL (442 mcmol/L) Glucose 238 /dL (13.2 mmol/L) 1. 1. What aspects of your assessment support her admitting diagnosis of dehydration? Her skin is warm and dry, she also has poor skin turgor and her mucous membranes are dry. These are dehydration symptoms. 2. 2. Explain any lab results that might be of concern. Elevated potassium, BUN, and creatinine levels indicates she may have renal problems. And with the elevated glucose levels shows that she is a diabetic. 3. 3. Identify 2 possible causes for K.B.’s low-grade fever. Some type of infection and dehydration can cause her low-grade fever. Case study progress [Show More]

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