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NURS1460C-Case Study 79 Hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease/Case Study 79 Hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease(answered 100% score)

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Scenario K.B. is a 65-year-old man admitted to the hospital after a 5-day episode of “the flu” with complaints of dyspnea on exertion, palpitations, chest pain, insomnia, and fatigue. K.B. was ... diagnosed with Graves’ disease 6 months ago and placed on methimazole (Tapazole) 15mg/day. His other past medical history includes hear t failure and hypertension requiring antihypertensive medications; however, he states that he has not been taking these medications on a regular basis. Vital signs (VS) are: 150/90, 124 irregular, 20, 100.2 °F (37.9° C). Admission assessment findings are: height 5ft, 8 in; weight 132lb; appears anxious and restless; loud heart sounds; 1+ pitting edema noted in bilateral lower extremities; diminished breath sounds with fine crackles in the posterior bases. K.B. begins to cry when he tells you he recently lost his wife; you notice someone has punched several more holes in his belt so he could tighten it. 1. Which of K.B.'s assessment findings represent manifestations of hypermetabolism? Bp pulse, high temp, tachypnea, anxiety, insomnia restlessness, 2. Interpret K.B.'s laboratory results. T3 and T4 are elevated BUN- elevated, impaired kidney function from dehydration from increased metabolic state ESR- elevated from inflammation for infection or tissue necrosis HGB, HCT low caused by hypermetabolic state [Show More]

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