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1 Which of the following terms describes how the introduction of new technology in society can cause parts of a culture to change at different rates? CO NCEPT Cultural Change and Integration 2 Which o... f the following terms best describes the social process through which we share beliefs, knowledge, and understanding of the world? CONCEPT Symbols and Language 3 Which of the following statements about strain theory is true? CONCEPT Strain Theory 4 The argument that those who challenge the capitalist system will be controlled by the criminal justice system illustrates which of the following theories of crime and deviance? • CONCEPT Conflict Theory and Deviance 5 Which of the following is an example of a community-based correction? • CONCEPT Societal Protection 6 Which of the following arguments is NOT made by supporters of multiculturalism? • CONCEPT Multiculturalism 7 Which of the following statements is FALSE? CONCEPT Real and Ideal Culture 8 Sociobiology is heavily influenced by __________. • CONCEPT Sociobiology 9 Taken together, what do feminist theories of deviance assert about why women are labeled as deviant more often than men? CONCEPT Race, Gender and Deviance 10 According to sociologist Robin Williams Jr., which of the following are core values of American life? • CONCEPT Values and Beliefs 11 Which of the following is NOT considered to be a crime against the person? • CONCEPT Types of Crime 12 You skipped this question and it was marked incorrect. Which of the following is NOT part of due process in the United States? • CONCEPT Justice System and Punishment 13 Which of the following terms refers to the production of goods using machinery powered by energy sources (e.g., steam and electricity)? CONCEPT Lenski's Five Types of Society 14 Caitlin is an archaeologist who is writing her dissertation on the Mayan rite of human sacrifice. She travels to Central America and examines Mayan ruins and cultural artifacts. She attempts to make inferences about their cultural worldview and beliefs. By doing do, she hopes to better understand the sacrifice ritual. Caitlin tries to understand the Mayans' __________ by investigating their material culture. CONCEPT Culture and Society 15 The Miami Heat (a professional basketball team) is an example of which of the following cultural concepts? • CONCEPT Subculture and Counterculture 16 Which of the following statements does NOT accurately describe the social foundations of deviance? CONCEPT Functions of Deviance 17 Which of the following statements about cultural relativism is FALSE? • CONCEPT Ethnocentrism and Cultural Relativism 18 Beginning in the 1970s and continuing through the present, an increasing number of deviant acts have been characterized in the U.S. as illnesses requiring treatment, rather than as crimes requiring punishment. This process is called which of the following? CONCEPT Labeling Theory 19 Which of the following statements about differential association theory is true? CONCEPT Differential Association Theory 20 After moving to a new school, Anthony wants to join a new group of friends. He notices that the people he sits with at lunch on the first day of class use words in ways that are new to him (e.g., they say "bad" to mean "good"). They also shake hands in a unique way. Trying to fit in, Anthony adopts these subcultural behaviors. Anthony attempts to learn the __________ of the group. • CONCEPT Norms 21 The mafia is an example of which of the following types of crime? CONCEPT White Collar Crime and Organized Crime 22 Tracy has a positive view of the legal system, including the criminal justice system. She believes that the laws are good, just, and right. Tracy does not "act out" in deviant ways because of her faith in the system. Tracy illustrates which of the following forces of control identified by Travis Hirschi? [Show More]

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