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UCLA Case Book 2019 - 2020 © anderson management consulting associationList of Industry Overviews This section includes brief overviews of 12 industries that are likely to come up in interviews �... �� Airline • Automotive • Commercial Banking • Health Care • Media and Entertainment • Oil & Gas • Pharmaceutical • Private Equity • Restaurant • Retail • Telecom • UtilitiesAirline Key Ideas Revenue Streams Cost Drivers • Consolidation in industry • Low cost carriers and fare competition on competitive routes • Online booking and check in • Expansion of domestic and international routes • Capacity optimization (Load Factor) • Ticket sales to economy and business passengers • Charges for baggage and on-board services (up selling) • Cargo transportation • Credit cards • Value Added Services (food & drinks, WiFi, etc.) • Fuel • Labor • Marketing • Terminal fees • Insurance/legal fees Customer Segments • Leisure travelers – (generally price sensitive) • Business travelers – (very important to airlines due to margins and services purchased) • Freight/Cargo Transportation Channels • Internet online travel sites, airline websites • Airline sales team: call centers, online, or kiosk • Travel management companies (TMCs) serving corporate clients, travel agents Risks • Changes in fuel prices have a major impact on profitability • Macro economic conditions greatly impact amount of leisure travelers • An intensely competitive market with many foreign airlines partly government subsidized Key Economics Drivers • World Price of Crude Oil • Trips by US residents • Optimization of capacity • Per capita disposable income [Show More]

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