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RN ATI Capstone Peds RN ATI Capstone Content Review: Nursing Care of Children Post-Assessment Focused, Individualized Review Assignment Jasmine Simmons Prepared for: Jasmine Simmons 1. What are three ... (3) points the nurse should educate the parents of an epileptic client on regarding seizure medications? 2. A child was sent home from school with head lice. The child's mother has called the help line nurse for guidance. What are three (3) measures the nurse will inform the mother about to address the infestation of pediculosis capitis? 3. A pediatric client was diagnosed with Reye Syndrome. Which of the following statements by the parent indicate understanding of this diagnosis? (select all that apply) "Reye Syndrome typically follows a viral illness.""There is no association between using aspirin for fevers and development of Reye Syndrome.""My son's liver function may return to full function.""His symptoms of irritability, confusion, and lethargy are expected with this diagnosis.""There is no known treatment for Reye Syndrome and its symptoms." 4. The nurse is educating an adolescent about the use of albuterol for asthma. What information should the nurse include in this teaching? [Show More]

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