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fully revised MATH 225N Week 6 Statistics Quiz (Questions & Answers) Summer 2020 Chamberlain

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Question 1 A statistics professor recently graded final exams for students in her introductory statistics course. In a review of her grading, she found the mean score out of 100 points was a x¯=77, ... with a margin of error of 10. Construct a confidence interval for the mean score (out of 100 points) on the final exam. Answer: (67, 87) Question 2 A random sample of adults were asked whether they prefer reading an e-book over a printed book. The survey resulted in a sample proportion of p′=0.14, with a sampling standard deviation of σp′=0.02, who preferred reading an e-book. Use the empirical rule to construct a 95% confidence interval for the true proportion of adults who prefer e- books. Answer: ( 0.10, 0.18) Question 3 The pages per book in a library are normally distributed with an unknown population mean. A random sample of books is taken and results in a 95% confidence interval of (237,293) pages. What is the correct interpretation of the 95% confidence interval? That is correct! We estimate with 95% confidence that the sample mean is between 237 and 293 pages. We estimate that 95% of the time a book is selected, there will be between 237 and 293 pages. We estimate with 95% confidence that the true population mean is between 237 and 293 pages. Question 4 The population standard deviation for the heights of dogs, in inches, in a city is 3.7 inches. If we want to be 95% confident that the sample mean is within 2 inches of the true population mean, what is the minimum sample size that can be taken? Round up to the nearest integer. Answer: 14 dog heights Question 5 Clarence wants to estimate the percentage of students who live more than three miles from the school. He wants to create a 98% confidence interval which has an error bound of at most 4%. How many students should be polled to create the confidence interval? z0.10 z0.05 z0.02 5 z0.01 z0.005 1.28 1.64 1.96 2.32 2.57 [Show More]

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