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Arkansas State University - NURSING 213 Respiratory Part 1 Test. Questions And Answers.

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Arkansas State University - NURSING 213 Respiratory Part 1 Test. Questions And Answers.Instructions Attempt History Attempt Time Score Regraded LATEST Attempt 1 25 minutes 59.5 out of 100 57.5 out ... of 100 Score for this quiz: 57.5 out of 100 Submitted Feb 24 at 8:28am This attempt took 25 minutes. 50 Questions 90 minutes TAKE YOUR TIME, THINK BACK TO LECTURE Question 1 0 / 2 pts The nurse recognizes that the elderly patient’s poor perfusion of body tissues is due to the patient’s diagnosis of a blood disorder. Which of the following would best explain the patient’s issue? The patient’s low red blood cell (RBC) count prevents oxygen from adhering to the membranes. The patient’s dehydration prevents circulation of free oxygen in the blood plasma. The patient’s low hemoglobin count provides less surface for the adherence of oxygen. Correct Answer The patient’s high white blood cell (W You Answered Question 2 0 / 2 pts The nurse is assessing the patient diagnosed with pulmonary edema and hears lung sounds, and moist bubbling sounds are heard on inspiration and expiration. What medical term best defines the sound? Stridor Crackles Correct Answer Wheezes Rhonchi You Answered Original Score: 2 / 2 pts Regraded Score: 0 / 2 pts Question 3  This question has been regraded. The nurse is caring for a patient with chronic lung disease who is receiving oxygen via a nonrebreathing mask. Which observation indicates to the nurse that the system is functioning as expected? Oxygen flow rate at 5L bag deflated You Answered Oxygen flow rate at 2L bag inflated Oxygen flow rate at 15L bag inflated Correct Answer Oxygen flow rate at 9L bag deflated Question 4 0 / 2 pts The nurse is caring for the patient who has recently recovered from a spontaneous pneumothorax. The nurse palpates the patient’s left shoulder area and feels a “Rice Krispies” presence under the skin. What best describes this symptom? It is a symptom of a pending recurrence of a pneumothorax. You Answered It is a sign that the chest tube was removed too soon. It is a sign of recovery from a pneumothorax. It occurs when air leaks into the subcutaneous tissues. Correct Answer Question 5 2 / 2 pts The HCP ordered azithromycin 500 mg for the first day, then 250 mg a day for 4 days for a patient with pneumonia. The pharmacy has azithromycin 250-mg tablets in stock. How many tablets will be sent to the facility for the patient’s medication? 6 Correct! Correct Answers 0 (with margin: 0) 0 (with margin: 6) 0 (with margin: 0) 0 (with margin: 0) Question 6 2 / 2 pts The nurse instructs a patient with a nosebleed to sit up and lean slightly forward. For which reason does the nurse teach the patient to maintain this posture? To help prevent symptoms of shock due to blood loss To reduce bleeding from the anterior plexus To prevent dizziness or syncope To avoid unseen blood from being swallowed or aspirated Correct! Question 7 0 / 2 pts A patient is discharged from the emergency department after treatment for epistaxis. The physician orders that all home medications be continued. Which medication will the nurse question? Acetaminophen Multivitamin You Answered Penicillin Ibuprofen Correct Answer Question 8 2 / 2 pts A patient returns to the observation area after outpatient septoplasty for a deviated septum. Which observation will most concern the nurse? The patient’s blood pressure is 136/88 mm Hg. The patient’s moustache dressing has a 2-centimeter area of blood on it. The patient complains of tenderness in the nasal area. The patient swallows frequently [Show More]

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