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NURS 6640 Week 6 Midterm Exam (2020).

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NURS 6640 Week 6 Midterm Exam (2020) Download 100% Correct Answer Here 1. Question: During cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a 64-year-old male patient states, “I get so frustrated sometimes an... d I just blow up at everybody!” Which response by the PMHNP demonstrates translation of Socratic dialogue (SD)? NURS 6640 Week 6 Midterm 2. Question: A 62-year-old patient has been ... with borderline personality disorder. Upon assessment, the PMHNP learns that he participates in spending sprees and occasional binge eating, accompanied by rapid changes in self-image. Which evidence-based psychotherapeutic model does the PMHNP identify as effective and beneficial? 3. Question: A 35-year-old patient has been seeking treatment for depression for several months. The PMHNP does an assessment _to_ see if processing has led _to_ adaptive change. The patient’s self-references are positive in relation _to_ past events, work is productive, relationships are adaptive, and there is congruence between behavior, thoughts, and affect. Based on this information, the PMHNP decides the patient ____________. 4. Question: During a session, the PMHNP asks a patient with a his_to_ry of sexual abuse _to_ recall the relationship she had as a child with her parents. The patient responds by saying she has a headache and her s_to_mach hurts, and starts talking about her physical ailments. What is the appropriate response by the PMHNP? 5. Question: A 24-year-old female patient presents for her initial appointment with the PMHNP. Which action will the PMHNP take _to_ establish therapeutic alliance? 6. Question: The PMHNP is working with a school-aged child who has been ... with depression. The child has attended several sessions with the PMNHP, but recently presents with avoidant behavior by showing increased distress and being late _to_ sessions. What approach does the PMHNP need _to_ employ with the child _to_ continue making therapeutic progress? 7. Question: The PMHNP has been assisting a shy and timid 23-year-old male patient struggling with esteem and self-concept issues. Over the weekend, this patient was given the task of completing an exercise that would usually cause him distress and shame, also called a shameattacking exercise. The PMHNP determines that this task has successfully been .... when the patient states: NURS 6640 Week 6 Midterm 8. Question: The PMHNP is meeting with a new patient who is a young veteran back from serving two _to_urs overseas. When reviewing the patient’s health his_to_ry file that was sent from the VA, the PMHNP learns that several months ago, the patient was diagnosed with PTSD, but never followed up with treatment for it. After a comprehensive mental health assessment, the PMHNP confirms the PTSD diagnosis and understands that which therapeutic approach will ... the most effective as a first-line treatment modality? 9. Question: An initial evaluation reveals that an 11-year-old patient has moved _to_ a new school after her parents’ recent divorce, and is having trouble making friends. The patient has normal mental status and exhibits appropriate behavior. What is the most appropriate scale for the PMHNP _to_ use _to_ get more information? NURS 6640 Week 6 Midterm 10. Question: A patient who has borderline personality disorder is meeting with the PMHNP. When asked about future goals, the patient responds, “I’d like _to_ go back _to_ school _to_ do what you do. You know, talk _to_ people all day about their problems. It seems pretty easy.” How does the PHMNP respond _to_ the client in a way that is free from any stigmatizing beliefs or judgments? [Show More]

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