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NUR 2790 Professional Nursing III / PN3 Exam 1 NUR 2790 Professional Nursing III PN3 Exam 1 Physician order morphine 2mg iv vials contain 10mg/ml how much ml does the nurse administ er - 0.5 ml is the... answer. Was 0.2 The nurse is caring for several children with cancer and is receiving morning lab results which of these conditions combined with the indicated lab results causes causes the greatest immediate concern a) n/v with a k+ level of 3.3 b) a nosebleed with a platelet count of 130,000 c) a fever with an absolute count of 450 d) fatigue with a hgb level of 9g/dl When caring for a client with tumor lysis syndrome the nurse administers glucose and insulin to treat which condition a) Diabetes insipidus b) hyperkalemia c) hypophosphatemia d) hypernatremia A client with cancer is administered to a short-term rehab facility the nurse prepares to administer the client's oral chemotherapy what action by the nurse is most appropriate a. Crush the medications if the client cannot swallow them. b. Give one medication at a time with a full glass of water. c. No special precautions are needed for these medications. d. Wear personal protective equipment when handling the medications. RATIONALE: ANS: D During the administration of oral chemotherapy agents, nurses must take the same precautions that are used when administering IV chemotherapy. This includes using personal protective equipment. These medications cannot be crushed, split, or chewed. Giving one at a time is not needed. [Show More]

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