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NR 511 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE WEEK 3 (2019) Chamberlain College of Nursing, Already Graded A

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NR 511 Week 3 1. Discuss that the majority of dyspnea complaints are due to cardiac or pulmonary decompensation 2. Explain the differences between intra-thorax and extra-thorax flow disorders 3. Id... entify at least three examples of flow and volume disorders (intra and/or extra thorax) 4. Discuss diagnosis, risk factors and treatments for asthma 5. Describe appropriate tests in the work up for dyspnea 6. Discuss clinical findings and PFTs for asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and COPD 7. Differentiate between the following common rashes: rubeola, rubella, varicella, roseola, 5ths disease, pityriasisrosea, hand, foot and mouth disease and molluscumcontagiosum. 8. Differentiate between the following tineas: pedis, cruris, corporis and unguium and describe an appropriate treatment 9. Identify the virus that causes warts 10. Differentiate between atopic and contact dermatitis and give examples of each 11. Identify common characteristics associated with blepharitis, chalzion and hordeolum 12. Differentiate between viral, allergic, bacterial, toxic and HSV conjunctivitis 13. Discuss which chemical injury is associated with the most damage and highest risk to vision loss 14. Recognize common eye emergency conditions that require emergency room evaluation 15. Discuss glaucoma, diagnosis and treatment 16. Discuss diabetic retinopathy [Show More]

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