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South University- NSG 6020 Cardiovascular Disorders Question And Answers| Rated A

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NSG 6020 Cardiovascular Disorders 1. In order to bring the ventricular apex closer to the chest wall when assessing the point of maximal impulse (PMI), ask the patient to: 2. The tonsillar, submand... ibular, and submental nodes drain the lymphatic fluid from portions of the: 3. When screening a patient for peripheral arterial disease (PAD), one risk factor would include a history of: 4. Heart sounds produced by turbulence due to a temporary increase in blood flow in predisposing conditions, such as hyperthyroidism, is considered: 5. A patient complains of a tight, bursting pain in the calf that increases with walking. Elevation of the leg sometimes relieves the pain. These symptoms may be consistent with: 6. On assessment, which one of the following symptoms would be noted as a compensatory response to chronic hypoxia? 7. A patient describes chest pain as persistent, sharp, and knife-like. These symptoms are more characteristic of: 8. The horizontal superficial inguinal lymph nodes are located in the anterior thigh below the inguinal ligament and drain lymphatic fluid from all of these areas except: 9. When assessing the heart rate of a healthy 13-month-old child, which one of the following sites is the most appropriate for this child? 10. To assess the murmur of aortic insufficiency, position the patient: 11. A child presents with fever of 102.5 F for the past five days. Kawasaki disease is suspected if which of the following groups of symptoms is present? 12. The great saphenous vein enters the deep venous system by way of the: [Show More]

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