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Leadership ATI review 117 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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Leadership ATI review 117 Questions with 100% Correct Answers The ______________ _____________ is a multidisciplinary tool that guides client care and bases outcomes on an externally imposed timeli... ne; outlines what the team must complete in a timely manner to achieve *desired client outcomes & an appropriate length of stay for that particular dx*; *cost effective care* - critical pathway ___________ leaders use rewards to motivate followers and maintain status quo - transactional _______________ leaders empower followers to assume responsibility for communal vision, and personal development is a secondary outcome - transformational 5 Major Management functions - planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling The nurses uses ___________ _____________ to determine client outcomes desired and/or achieved as indicated by evidence-based practices - clinical judgment Process of transferring authority, accountability, and responsibility of client care to another member of the health care team - assigning Process of transferring authority and responsibility to another team member *to complete a task*, while retaining accountability - Delegating Process of directing, monitoring, and evaluating performance of tasks by another member of the health care team. RNs are responsible for the supervision of client care tasks delegated to APs and PNs - supervising Can a nurse delegate checking NG tube patency to a PN? - yes Can a PN insert a foley? - yesCan a PN perform trach care and suction? - yes Can a PN perform client teaching? - NO (they can reinforce it) 5 delegation rights - Right task Right circumstance Right person Right communication Right supervision Which is the correct "right task": "Delegate an AP to assist a client who has PNA to use a bedpan" *OR* "Delegate an AP to administer a nebulizer tx to a client who has PNA" - "Delegate an AP to assist a client who has PNA to use a bedpan" Which is the correct "right circumstance"? "Delegate an AP to measure VS of a client who is post op and stable" *OR* "Delegate an AP to measure VS of a client who is postop and received naloxone" - "Delegate an AP to measure VS of a client who is post op and stable" Which is the correct "right direction"? "Delegate an AP to assist Mr. Martin in room 312 w/ a shower before 0900" *OR*"Delegate an AP to assist Mr. Martin i room 312 w/ morning hygeine" - "Delegate an AP to assist Mr. Martin in room 312 w/ a shower before 0900" -*preceptors*: assigned to newly licensed nurses for limited time -*mentors*: can also serve as preceptor, but relationship lasts longer & focuses more on assumption of professional role & relationships, and socialization into practice -*coaches*: est. collaborative relationship to help a nurse est. specific individual goals. Relationship is often *task related* and *time limited* - --Orientation Plan Should Include-- Skill proficiency Assignment to preceptor Computerized charting Socialization to unit culture Facility policies and procedures Steps in providing educational programs - *Identify and respond:* I'D need for knowledge *Analyze:* Deficiencies, develop learning objectives *Research:* Resources available to address learning objectives based on evidence‑based practice. *Plan:* address objectives using available resources. *Implement:* Program(s) at time conducive to staff attendance; consider online learning modules. *Evaluate:* Use materials and observations to measure behavior changes secondary to learning objectives. When conducting staff development activities, you should always determine what first? - learning needsQuality Improvement Process - *Outcome*: reflect desired client outcomes r/t standard under review *Structure*: setting where care is provided & the available resources *Process*: how care is provided & est. by policies *Benchmarks*: goals set to determine at what level the outcome indicators should be met (*Step 1: Establish best practice guidelines/benchmark*......then data collection... if benchmark is NOT met, do a root cause analysis) __________ indicator measures whether a procedure is effective in meeting the desired benchmark - outcome [Show More]

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