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Chamberlain College of Nursing/NR 603 Midterm APEA-reviews. questions and correct answers

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1. A patient report that she is taking kava kava regularly for anxiety with the results. What should the nurse practitioners evaluate? a. Liver function studies 2. A person with 20/80 vision: HAS P... OORER VISION THAN SOMEONE WITH 20/40 VISION 3. One exception to the recommendation to limit dietary fat intake is CHILDREN UNDER 2 YEARS OF AGE 4. The most effective treatment for anemia of chronic disease is: TREATMENT OF UNDERLYING DISEASE Rationale: The key phrase is “anemia of chronic disease” and with this, the pt’s chronic disease has caused the deficiency so once you correct and or treat the chronic disease, then the anemia will correct itself. 5. Salicylates and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents have all of the following actions EXCEPT- ANTI-EMETIC EFFECTS VIA SUPPRESSION OF GASTRIC ACID SECRETION 6. Which of the following does NOT increase a woman’s risk of developing cervical cancer? NULLIPARITY 7. All of the following principles apply to drug therapy for elders except ENCOURAGE THE ELDERLY TO CONTINUE SELF-MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION TO FACILITATE INDEPENDENCE AND SELF-SUFFIENCY 8. A female patient believes that she was exposed to HIV through sexual intercourse several months ago. She asks for “the test for AIDS.” Which statement is NOT correct? THE ELISA IS USED FOR SCREENING, BUT MAY YIELD A FALSE NEGATIVE THIS SOON AFTER EXPOSURE 9. The nurse practitioner teaches the parents of a 2-month-old infant with GERD that treatment typically includes all of the following interventions except MAINTAINING THE USUAL FEEDING REGIMEN AND BURPING THE INFANT WELL WHEN THE FEEDING IS COMPLETED 10. A widowed 85-year-old was recently moved from her home of 65 years to a bedroom in her daughter’s home. According to reports by family members, she is now “cantankerous” gets “mixed up” easily and cries for no apparent reason. Factors in the client history that are consistent with delirium may include all of the following except a. INSIDIOUS ONSET AND CHRONIC PROGRESSIVE COURSE 11. The two tests that can indicate current infection with hep B are: a. Presents of hep B antigen and IgM 12. A characteristic of elders which affects the pharmacotherapeutics of drug therapy in that population is an increase in PERCENT OF BODY FAT 13. An elder’s caretaker is planning the elder’s menu. The elder is on a bland diet. The nurse practitioner reviews the meal plans and notes that which of the following is NOT appropriate? a. Coffee, tea, carbonated sodas, Orange juice 14. The leading cause of death from injury in childhood is MOTOR VEHICE ACCIDENTS 15. Therapeutic International normalized ratio (INR) for a patient taking warfarin (coumadin) for a chronic atrial fibrillation is expected to be: a. Increased 16. The most accepted recommendation regarding a skin cancer prevention is: a. Avoidance of excessive sun exposure 17. Antibiotic administration has been demonstrated to be of little benefit in the treatment of which of the following disease processes? a. Acute bronchitis 18. An anxious parent brings her three-day old female infant to see the nurse practitioner because of the serosanguineous vaginal discharge. The nurse practitioner tells the mother: a. This is a normal finding in female newborns 19. A common finding associated with temporal arteritis is: a. Severe headache [Show More]

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