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NR 503 / NUR503 Population Health, Epidemiology and Statistical Principles Week 4 Midterm Exam | Chamberlain University (60 Questions and Verified Answers) (Already graded A)| Chamberlain College

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Question 1 In a study of oral contraceptive (OC) use & hypertension, male interviewers for the study found a lower prevalence of OC use among participants than did female interviewers using the same... questionnaire. Which term best describes this finding? • Nondifferential misclassification Question 2 A matched case-control study of sunscreen use during childhood & melanoma results in an odds ratio of 1.0. Cases of melanoma were matched by sex & race to controls who were identified by r&om digit dialing. What is the most likely explanation for the study’s null finding? • Information bias concerning past sunscreen use Question 3 Among patients with liver cancer, current alcohol drinkers have a worse prognosis for survival than nondrinkers. What would be the impact on the odds ratio for a case-control study of current alcohol use & liver cancer mortality if prevalent cases were included with incident cases of the cancer? • Decrease the odds ratio when prevalent cases are included Question 4 [Show More]

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