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PSYC 304 Week 4 Midterm Exam with Answers GradeAplus

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Tong used binocular rivalry to test brain response when the person perceived a house or a face. When the person perceived the house, activity in the increased. Kamitani and Tong's orientation decorde... r was able to correctly predict what orientation a person was loooking at on % of the trials. One aspect of the visual system that helps us achieve selective attention is The incidence of change blindness when a cue is added to the scene that indicates which part of the scene has changed. According to feature integration theory, the color, orientation, and other features of objects are initially processed in the The is activated in observers without brain damage when performing conjunction visual searches. The movement of elements in the environment relative to the observer is called Mirror neurons The perceptual grouping of lights in biological motion has been shown physiologically to occur in the area of the cortex. Our ability to perceive movement when reading "message boards" used in advertising is based on [Show More]

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