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WGU c787 Nutrition cohort review questions and answers latest 2021/2022

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WGU c787 Nutrition cohort review questions and answers latest 2021/2022 1. When nutrition advocates became concerned that recommendations did not do enough to address prevention of chronic diet rel... ated diseases, what policy change were made? Correct Answer- RDA's (Recommended Daily Allowances) expanded into several DRI (Daily Reference Intakes) 2. What is true of dietary reference intake? choose two. Correct Answer- a. They are used to establish taxation rates and food costs **b. Food labeling must include information about them. **c. They differ depending on age and gender d. They are dependent on foodborne illness risks 3. What is always found on a nutrition label in the US? Correct Answer- Serving size 4. A healthful diet contains nutrient intake near what amount? Correct Answer- Recommended daily allowance 5. What is an appropriate use of AMDR (Acceptable Macronutrient Dietary Range) when evaluating the appropriateness of a snack food? Correct Answer- 50% calories from fat is too much. (There is an AMDR for fats, carbs, and proteins only. It is a range of percentages of calories that you should get from that nutrient per day. i.e. 45-65% of calories from carbs per day. 50% of calories from fat is too much. ) 6. What is meant by Tolerable Upper Intake Level? Correct Answer- The highest level of daily consumption that current data has shown to cause no side effects in humans; ensures people do not take harmful amounts. (More for supplements; No side effects in humans)7. How is estimated average requirement commonly used? Correct Answer- To guide recommendations and menu planning for communities in combinations with upper intake levels. 8. What is true of choose my plate .gov recommendations as presented by their setting place graphic? Correct Answer- Half of the plate should be fruits and vegetables. 9. What is the nutritional benefit of fruits and vegetables? Correct Answer- They provide nutrients that reduce the risk some type of cancer. (They are high in fiber/bulk, vitamins and minerals, low in calories.) 10. What is false regarding fruits and vegetables in the diet? Correct Answer- Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin B12 (Watch for the negative/false/incorrect questions!!) 11. What strategy might be avoided due to expense for patients looking to eat more healthfully on a budget? Correct Answer- Buying frozen meals 12. Which statement is true about planning a balanced meal? Correct Answer- Skim milk has roughly the same amount of calcium and protein as whole milk. (Always stick with reduced or no fat) 13. What is true about dietary recommendation for whole grain intake? Correct Answer- Half of all grains consumed should be whole grain products. 14. Fritz is hosting a brunch and prepares for each of his friends Omelet with cheese Toasted English muffin1t all fruit preserves ½ large grapefruit 1c whole milk How can his menu be improved to follow the dietary guidelines for Americans? Choose all that apply Correct Answer- Use egg whites for the omelets Replace cheese with vegetables in the omelets Replace English muffin with whole wheat English muffin Replace whole milk with fat free milk (Adding juice will never be an answer because it is sugar water.) [Show More]

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All the WGU c787 Exam, Tests, Study Guide, review questions and answers latest

All the WGU c787 Exam, Tests, Study Guide, review questions and answers latest

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