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Insider Threat Awareness OPSEC The definition of Targeted Violence includes which of these components? Select all that apply. - ✔✔Any form of violence For a specific reason Directed at an indi... vidual or group Which of the following are true about Insider Threats? Select all that apply. - ✔✔The threat than an insider will access information without a need to know Threat can include unauthorized disclosure of national security information or thought the loss or degradation of department resources or capabilities Threat can include damage thought espionage or terrorism Any person with authorized access to DoD resources by virtue of employment, volunteer activities, or contractual relationship with DoD (select all 4 answers) The transfer of classified or proprietary information to a system not approved for the classification level or unaccredited or unauthorized systems, individuals, applications, or media is a _____. - ✔✔Spill A member of your team openly discusses her financial difficulties and her inability to meet her financial obligations. What is the appropriate action? - ✔✔Report the concerning behavior to your security officer Insiders may include which of these groups of people? Select all that apply. - ✔✔Employees Contractors Active duty military Former employees (select all 4 answers) Which of the following is a reportable behavioral indicator? - ✔✔Significant change in work habit [Show More]

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